Secondary microphone creates heavy noise and echo feedback loop on FP4

When I make a call with friends on Jitsi with loudspeaker mode, the call quality is very poor due to heavy noise and echo.

It looks that the microphone is so sensitive that sound on my phone’s speaker causes echo feedback loop on their side. I tested the phone with my computer, and found that even tiny whisper which nobody could hear was caught and caused echo feedback loop.

The issue is not reproduced on regular calls without using loudspeaker.

At first I suspected this topic on Fairphone’s forum might be related, but since the issue is not reproduced on recorded Signal audio message, I think this is probably not the same issue.

Does anyone on Fairphone 4 experience this issue?

There is an app Fairphone Checkup (actually works on most phones) – I guess it will not do much more than confirm what you report already but might give another clue.

Thanks. Indeed, testing secondary microphone with the application, the phone causes echo feedback loop and very high pitch noise and is barely usable :frowning: Should I log this as a bug on the issue tracker?

The issue was reported at

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