Security provided by the new /e/ app store

Prior to the new /e/ app store, I relied on a combination of F-Droid and ApkPure to get apps for my /e/ phone. Now with the /e/ app store, I have a couple questions:

  1. In the past few days, APKPure has proposed updates to a number of apps that are in the /e/ app store, but the /e/ app store indicates that the old version I currently have installed do not need to be updated. Will the /e/ app store be slow to make updates available? Will that be a security concern?

  2. What is the best practice: Now that the /e/ app store is available, should a person rely on only that, and stop using F-Driod and APKPure? If the answer is “yes”, then should I ignore proposed updates provided by those app stores for apps that are also on /e/?

  1. The best practice is to use the store you consider better. There is no good reason to drop F-Droid (or other) yet.

but a good reason to drop apkpure is, that no one really knows if the app original or modified


apkpure declares that controls the apps:

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Ah, Ok, thx, I haven’t seen that.

Any thoughts on my question #1 in my original post regarding security concerns and how timely the /e/ app store is regarding making app updates available? (I noticed that ApkPure was offering updates for apps while the /e/ app store was not, even after several days.)

Currently it is roughly one day behind the FDroid and Google Play sources. Will improve on this time lag.