Share your feature proposals : W/e/ are listening

The main factor behind the success of any project is the freshness of its ideas and the innovations it brings to the table. Keeping in line with that concept w/e/ are looking towards you to share your ideas and recommendations for features you want to see in /e/.

To say that this is a new way or a new process would be wrong. Most of you have been doing this for some time on the forum. Just that now we want to have a formal format for this.

The process of sharing an idea is as under:

  • It starts when you the /e/ user have a suggestion or an proposal for a feature you want to see in the /e/ ROM
  • You create a ‘New Topic’ on the Forum with the tag [FEATURE PROPOSAL] in the title
  • In the Topic you out-line what you want to see in /e/ .
  • Add all the advantages of having the feature in your initial post + add all additional detail and information about the feature
  • Other users will read it and comment and add to the topic
  • Let that topic remain for at least a month on the forum . During this time we should have a fair number of comments for and against the feature .
  • Once you think you have a good number of suggestions and ideas summarize it and create an issue on Github. Also put in a link to the Topic on the forum.
  • We will have the development team take it up and evaluate the proposal from a design and development standpoint.
  • The development team will also inform in case it is not possible to code the feature – the reason will be provided on Gitlab
  • The feature proposal will now be tracked to closure on Gitlab.

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