Shelter - batch create shortcut - now have multiple 'contacts'

After installing Shelter, I think I had 1x ‘contacts’ and 1x ‘Files’ shortcut, with the specific Shelter Icon (sorry can’t remember what that was).

Playing around I long pressed both the ‘Contacts’ and ‘Files’ in Shelter, then pressed the 3 dots to ‘create unfreeze and/or launch icon’. On my desktop I now confusingly have 2x additional ‘contacts’ with no shelter Icon (what are these ?), and 1x ‘contacts’ and 1x ‘files’ short cuts - with a suitcase icon on my desktop.

What did I do when I was playing around, in the Shelter App, I only see 1x ‘contacts’, and 1x ‘mail’, are these the shortcuts with the suitcase icon point to, and if so, what are the other 2x ‘contacts’ that have been created - that have not suitcase icon.


My end goal is to use Whatsapp under Shelter, as per the guide here:

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It may appear these were simply shortcuts to the Shelter created contacts, seems odd though they had no suitcase icon.
They have now been deleted.
Whatsapp now installed under Shelter, and working fine.

@Rob1971 I tend to park the extra apps from the Work profile in a special folder that I ignore afterwards :smile: They belong to the work profile, but they don’t have the briefcase label that the rest of the (AOSP) OS uses. I hope that /e/OS’s Bliss Launcher starts doing this in a future update - do we know if it’s a known bug?

Shelter has a few bits of high weirdness around Advanced Privacy that you only really notice if you’re freezing or auto-freezing apps regularly. I don’t know if you’re doing that with WhatsApp. I gathered a few things I figured out about Shelter on /e/ into a reply to another thread, and there’s a link there provided by @tcecyk that details the weirdness.

Thats some useful posts thanks.

Still need to do some work myself to undersfand what the Freeze does, presume it ‘stops’/turns off’ the application from running.

Whatsapp doesn’t need to run in the background, hence one might wnat to Freeze it.

Unsure why one would want to Freeze AP.

I presume your only Freezing apps in the Work profile (with suitcase icon, which from what you write doesn’t always appear - which makes things confusing)

Yes - Shelter only freezes apps in the Work profile. The lack of the suitcase/briefcase icon in /e/OS’s default launcher (Bliss Launcher) is really a launcher bug.

Freezing means the app’s background services don’t run, and can’t get triggered to run by some event on the phone.

Other apps like Shelter can freeze apps in the main profile: “Hail” is one. For me, Shelter was the most self-explanatory, and the Work profile isolation is a nice extra layer of protection. I’ve not tried “Insular”, but I hear it works similarly. Switching between apps like these, which get registered with special Device Owner privileges, can be difficult it seems. To switch between apps managing a Work profile, you may need to destroy the work profile from Settings before the replacement can create a fresh one.

I freeze Advanced Privacy in the Work profile, because it doesn’t work consistently across its 3 major features right now for the Work profile, and falling back to the normal “Personal” profile’s AP provides enough protection for what I want (tracker blocking on, hidden IP off, no fake locations). This also prevents me starting AP accidentally, because the startup order matters when there are two APs.

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