Shelter : Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, Viber etc

I am a new /e/ user and enjoyed it a lot. Very impressed.

Moving to /e/ was the 1st steps to make my use of my mobile phone more secure but I now need to " tweak" some things here and there in how I do things.

WhatsApp : my 1st move was to use a shelter to use WHatsapp to avoid it accessing and share all my contacts fields with FaceBook. I am happy it was quite easy !

But, I would like to ask seasoned / experienced /e/ users, which well known apps should be moved to my Worker profile ? Telegram ? Signal ?

How most of you, are using the shelter app and what are doing in your everyday use of /e/ concerning " non /e/ apps"…

This new /e/ world looks to me like :

  • Debian ( pkg not in the official debian repo
  • Arch : package in the official arch repo versus from anyone / stranger in AUR…

Os what it the simplest / noobie proof way of knowing which app should be used behind the shelter " controlled environment" ?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Signal is open-source and safe so ne need to do so.

I guess every proprietary app or apps with trackers. You can know if an app have trackers directly in the /e/ Apps store by searching for that app.

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As more apps are installed in shelter work profile the more data are available for collecting and used by the trackers.
From my site of view it’s better to use for example twitter in main profile as PWA than using it in shelter. Same for Instagram. So if there is a web interface for the app, better using it as PWA (if available) than as app in shelter



PWA ???

For me, all apps in Shelter are always frozen, and I “unfreeze & launch” just one, when I want/need… Is an active app (in Shelter) abble to pick-up datas from frozen apps ?

Example: Use this link on default browser and paste link to desktop. After starting the desktop link it’s working like a app, but is a browser session.

While you are working with the apps, they are collecting your data and send them @home. And other tracker could use also this data. Freezing is only stopping background activities, not more.

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Sorry, but I think this is no good answer for the initial question or do you have ever run tails on a phone ??

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Ok, i’m out. Because it seems you are know all (better) So it makes no sense for me to go ahead here.

I am currently using Shelter with Whatsapp, but since I have found the ‘protected apps’ option under Settings -> Privacy I was wondering whether this method could be used instead. Would it bring the same benefit or what is the difference between the two options?

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No, you have to allow whatsapp access to your contacts, otherwise it won’t work. If you will use whatsapp in normal profile it will copy your complete address book with all contacts which doesn’t have anything to do with whatsapp.

Thanks @harvey186 So, ‘protected apps’ mean that they do not have access to contacts and therefore apps which do not require access to contacts could be used as protected apps, e.g. FB messenger. Is that correct?

No, Whatsapp work without access to contacts

You wrote above:

and now:

I am a bit confused as it seems that these two comments contradict.

Which apps would you suggest to be used as ‘protected app’?

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