Show pictures in foundation.e.mail

Hi there!

I want to know how to show/load pictures and grafics in the e.mail app
in this forum I found
“It’s under 'Account settings | Reading mail | Always show images” but I can not find this in my german e/os


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OK, I found “Always show images” it in the app, but this doesn’t show pictures and graphics of an HTML Newsletter… How I can show/load html-graphics?

The /e/OS Mail app is a fork of the K-9 Mail app (which can be installed from F-Droid). It is also lagging several versions behind K-9 Mail and is therefore missing many functions and bug fixes which are implemented in recent versions of K-9 Mail.

I suggest installing K-9 Mail from F-Droid and seeing if this functionality is available there. If it is, then it will probably make its way into /e/'s Mail app eventually, (but don’t hold your breath :wink: ). If it is not in K-9 Mail yet, then the chances are it won’t be in /e/'s Mail for a long time, if ever :frowning:

Actually I would recommend using K-9 Mail rather than /e/'s Mail, unless you are particularly keen on /e/'s UI colours

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Hi Pete, and thanks a lot! This forum is great, because of You guys!

That was it! With the K-9 Mail app from F-Droid it works fine!

My questions now are:

  1. How to make the K-9 app to my standard Mail-app?
  2. How to export-import sent mails from /e/OS Mail to K-9 Mail (I’m using POP3)
  3. better delete the original /e/OS Mail-app, to save storage space, or leave it?

Either disable all notifications in Mail and set it to never pick up mail. I can’t give more details - I don’t even know if it is possible - as I don’t use the app. Or disable / uninstall Mail

Sorry I have no idea. I haven’t used POP3 for a very long time: all my email accounts support IMAP

If you delete / uninstall it (as described in this post) then you don’t have to bother turning off notifications and sync. You won’t reclaim any usable storage however, as it is installed in the system partition

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