Sim manager by google ....?

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aurora store proposed to me to update some stuff. This proposal included google play services … i could figure out that aurora thinks microG services are the same than google play services and then thinks it needs to be updated.
I installed an app manager from the fdroid store to get infos about the certificates … all microG things have certificates from efoundation :wink:
But one app, which is called “SIM manager” from has a certificate from Google Inc. thus i believe it originates from evil google … Thus my question:

Can I delete this app?

There is although a package called SIM Tool Kit. Does it have the same functionality than “SIM Manager” ?

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Hi @kaffeesurrogat welcome to the /e/ forum.

I do not have SIM manager on my phone, so I don’t know exactly. Here is it’s description, does this fit with your use case?

Hi @aibd,

thanks for your reply … yes the description is the same …

is it save to delete ? It sounds important, but i guess it is, since it is not on your phone …

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If you have a device with eSIM capability (I don’t), this might be the App with which to manage the eSIM profiles (the SIM data sets you can load into the eSIM).

I don’t think so, but you could of course simply have a look.
I have an App called SIM-Toolkit, too ( It got installed after I inserted the SIM card of my mobile network provider, and it offers some simple SIM card management stuff and some provider-specific services.
Under Extras - Info it shows a version number and that it’s copyrighted by my mobile network provider.

i’m using a fairphone 4 and i can use esim. But i’m using a card …

btw. it is a system app … hard to remove …

I have such a similar app in my FP4: named “Kit strumenti SIM”. I had this app before starting to use eSIM. I didn’t install it. The app let me choose roaming or not with my operator (Fastweb). I think the app come from the SIM.

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