Small issues with 1.0 (loss of contacts and no camera on lock screen?)

Greetings all,

I have been a user of /e/OS on my Galaxy S7 for about a year, and love it. I have not hesitated to install every update in the past, and have not had reason to regret it.

After updating to 1.0 yesterday, I have two issues. The most serious was that for the first time in an update, I lost ALL of my contacts (these were only stored locally because I chose not to activate my /e/ cloud account).

The second issue is not serious but somewhat irritating. I have enjoyed being able to start up the Camera app without first unlocking my device by swiping from the bottom-right corner of the lock screen, as was possible in prior versions. If there is a way to re-enable this, I would appreciate knowing how. So far I have not found a setting for this.

Thanks to everyone at the e Foundation for their continued good work!

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I’m experiencing both of these same issues after the latest update on my S7. I don’t have any solution, but I wanted to link this thread which is tracking the same issue: Contacts gone after update to v1.0 - #9 by whereemi

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