SMS application doesn't work - Samsung s8 preinstalled /e/


I got my phone the other day, it’s very nice, I’m finally in the future.

That said, I noticed issues with the default SMS applicaiton, I couldn’t send messages. I then switched to Silence (which can encrypt SMSs’ with other Silence users) and that works better (I noticed other issues, could be provider related).

However, I just noticed an issue with receiving a photo via SMS (MMS) in Silence. I switched back to the default SMS app, and it still doesn’t work.

I’m using the Free (dot fr) network, if that’s relevant.

What solutions are there and/or what am I doing wrong ? (I don’t mind using a non-encrypted SMS application, nobody really cares about that stuff anyway).
: ]

Edit: I just received the MMS/photo in Silence. I’ll stick to that, it seems to work. However, if anyone has any clues about why the default application doesn’t work, it could be handy (for later and/or for others).

@Manu please consider to read THIS POST it is perhaps a little outdated but it solved the problem (in french).
Hope this will help.

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I tried the tips, but still, SMS cannot be sent with the default SMS application, however, with Silence, it works.

I found the issue ! It’s a mix between PEBKAC and UX. The contact I was messaging has 2 numbers, mobile and landline. In the interface, you can’t easily see which number is being used (in Silence the number is always shown).

I can now use the default app ! (which will work with KDEConnect). :]

I still think it can be an issue, as some contacts may have multiple mobile numbers, it would be neat to see the number and why not even differentiate threads.