[solved] Problem using F-Droid app

Hello. Given that the F-Droid app isn’t a native app of /e/, perhaps I’m in the wrong category.

Anyway, recently I did, via settings, allow for apps from unknown sources to be installed, which allowed me to install F-Droid. I was reading another thread that was talking about alternatives to YouTube, so I tried the app SkyTube. However, in trying to use it, I kept getting a warning about restrictions on content (and how by midnight these restrictions would lift), but eventually, as I kept trying it, it allowed me to play a few YouTube videos. I decided against having the SkyTube app on my system, so I uninstalled it.

But, now F-Droid doesn’t work. It won’t show any of the apps or categories. It just says, “No recent apps found”, and “No categories to display.” It’s as if I’m not connected to the internet (data on my phone is turned off), and yet, my WiFi is on and working. I can browse the Internet with the /e/ browser (Chromium).

I’m not sure how to fix this. My device is a Nexus 5.

PS, is there an /e/ app store that I should be using instead?

F-droid nerds a refresh of it’s repositories. Swipe down on main screen and wait a little. Than the apps and all will shown again.
This had to be done from time to time or when.your main screen is empty after start f-droid.

Yes, eOS does have his own store, named ‘Apps’. It should be on your homescreen

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Thanks @harvey186, that has fixed it.

Regarding the App Store app, I notice it lists “WhatsApp Messenger” at the top. What’s the deal with this? Is WhatsApp now a recommended privacy respecting app? This blog entry from them a while back, particularly the fourth paragraph, suggests it’s not.

No, absolut not. What’sApp is one if the most spying app.
The bad on Apps Store is, that it is full of spying apps. I don’t use it. I’m using for 99% of my apps f-droid and only banking apps I’m downloading via Aurora.

If you do need whatsapp, pls have a look on the howto here in forum.

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I can’t figure out why it’s included in the App Store then. Supposedly, “/e/ consists in a mobile operating system (OS) and carefully selected applications, together forming a privacy-enabled internal environment for mobile phones.” If their App Store apps are not held to the same standard as the core apps, then they should at least warn people of that.

I have found that same issue with the latest version of skytube. Im still sticking with version 2.95 and its working perfectly with subscription feed and all.

Grab the APK from the skytube github https://github.com/ram-on/SkyTube/releases

Hello, the goal of the Apps Store is to natively offer… an app store. And it has to fit the need of everybody and I’m sure some people need WhatsApp for their work for instance.
/e/ goal is to offer an alternative, not to prevent people for doing what they want.

A privacy score is indicated for each app (not very accurate I give you that), but also the list of trackers in it and the permissions the app will ask. The choice to use it or not belongs to the user :slight_smile:

By the way, another good YouTube client is NewPipe. Also available in F-Droid.