[SOLVED] Shelter and bliss launcher don't get along well

Problem: i want to have 2 accounts of the same app (isn’t Telegram tha can handle 2 or more phone nr, and aren’t Signal or Phone Call app) because i have 2 phone nr. This app require phone nr for confirmation. This app sends a code via sms to verify the identity of the phone number. /e/ OS doesn’t manage app cloning (instead MIUI can do it).

(my) Solution: there is Shelter which clones the app in the work profile. I can also separate phonebook (personal and work profile, another advantage, better than simple cloning)

Is there a better and reliable different solution to apps cloning in /e/ OS?

Thank you

So is there another launcher suggested if user threat model requires to use shelter?

KISS works magically.
See issue here. Please vote it up?

Fixed here.


“Lawnchair” is the launcher app I am using, since I faced the shelter/bliss bug. However the bug seems to be fixed :smiley: here as you already noted. will give Bliss a try again and see.

Bliss don’t display shelter’s “unfreez and lunch” shortcuts

I was glad to see @amitkumar 's fix f7b97b87, now Bliss displays and lunches “sheltered” apps correctly.

But when an app is added into the “Auto Freeze List” of shelter and then one chooses to create an “unfreeze and lunch shortcut” for that app, the corresponding icon is not displayed by Bliss.

The “Auto Freeze List” is an important feature of shelter regarding privacy and isolation. Making use of it allows to restrict the effect of pervasive apps, as they will be frozen when not being used.

Workaround: the easiest way of course is to use another launcher such as “lawnchair”, but this is not a solution.

Looking forward for a fix, and thanks to Bliss devs and the community for the great job :slight_smile:

P.S. this is the text of the issue #145 I posted on gitlab, and I wrote the same, few minutes ago, as a comment on the closed issue #66.

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Has this problem been solved? (it’s August 2019 now)

the original issue has been fixed. the current issue is regarding “auto freezed apps shortcuts” not showing. your help is welcome :wink:

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Hi, maybe I can help test something on my Galaxy S7.

But I’m not even sure I understand what “auto freezed apps shortcuts” means :slight_smile:

Shelter has a feature, it can auto-freeze an app. which means the app is frozen/blocked when it is not being used, in order to restrict the activity of pervasive apps.

If an app is added to that auto-freeze list, then one can create a shortcut (an icon on the launcher) which will unfreeze and launch the corresponding app at need (instead of unfreezing and launching it from Shelter itself).

It is that type of shortcuts (or icons) that don’t get displayed by Bliss launcher :slight_smile:

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How does Lawnchair work? Does it just override Bliss?

And then, if uninstalled, will Bliss be working fine again?


What launcher should be installed, if I want Shelter to work correctly (all features)?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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When you install the app “lawnchair”, it will suggest itself as a default app launcher, then you’ll see it replacing Bliss. basically your home screen will look different. it has the classic app drawer… lawnchair needs access to notifications, just like Bliss, so it can display a dot over app icons, when a new message enters for example.

If you want to return back to Bliss, all you have is to choose Bliss as your default app launcher (aka home app).
go to: Settings > Apps > gear icon on top > Home app > choose Bliss.
Bliss will take over the home screen again, remember to give notifications access if needed.

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Lawnchair works well with all features of Shelter. Bliss is only missing one feature though, if you can wait until it’s fixed, then just keep Bliss.

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Thank you.
I guess I will try Lawnchair and then perhaps Bliss, when everything is fixed :slight_smile:

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Shelter’s “unfreez and lunch” shortcuts are working well on Bliss launcher now :slight_smile: big thanks to the devs for that fix :smiley:


@PaulaFairphone could you add a [Solved] prefix to the TITLE ofthis thread, since the issue has been fixed and Shelter (Work Profile) is well supported on BLISS launcher.

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BLISS launcher isn’t displaying Work Profile’s app Icons at all agian. :frowning:

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Go to ‘App’ / BlissLauncher and clear Data and cache under ‘Storage’ and your Apps should shown again

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It worked, :slight_smile: thank you! @harvey186.
But whenever I install a new app in the Work Profile, its icon (shortcut) doesn’t appear on the home screen.

So each time something new is installed on Work Profile, I need to clear (or flush) Bliss Launcher’s Data & Cache, which is not convenient as it removes all the app groups and position customization. :frowning: