Some questions I would like to ask

I decided to cancel the order of the fairphone and go for a S9+.
I bought it second hand because I don’t want to pay for a new phone while the warranty is voided if I put a Rom on it. I once rooted my first smartphone. That was an Acer.
I saw that u first need to root the device to start. Is this true?
So ok, device is rooted, than I need a recovery thingy? Wipe data.
And finally install the Rom.
I’m used to jailbreak devices so I’m not a complete fool that doesn’t know what I’m doing.
Though, because this is my first time in roms, and rooting was a long time ago, I’m looking for some guidence.
My next question is: what android version should I pick? Which is actualy the best? If pie is the case, can I install this eos build on the device?

And last but not least, what should I do first if the Rom is installed successfully?

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Why not just follow the step-by-step instructions? -> search S9+ -> -> “Click here” under Install

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So I can just click on install and the Rom will install itself without the rooting process? Hard to believe but ok…
I don’t see any instructions on those links.
I’m new to this forum as wel as with roms. So a bit more info would be nice

The “click here” under Install is where the instructions are.

I thought so.
that’s nice.
ok, thank u for reply.
I find it odd that I don’t get much reaction on my topic. While this forum looks very active. Strange

Hi @AutismKid
Welcome to the,

For your 5 hours old asking, I could answers that,

no need to root, but unlock the bootloader
/e/ is a non-rooted OS

for the s9+ you could use the “/e/asy installer” :
( if it run Android 10, you must use the “/e/asy installer” )

Or you can try this howto :

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Thank u for ur reply.
I read something about the s9+ not supporting official updates anymore after flashing a custom rom?
can u tell me something more about this please?

If you choose the official /e/ dev oreo build, you will receive the official /e/ OTA updates.

If you choose an unofficial community pie or Q build, it depend of the builder for possible updates, manually or OTA or no updates.

You also could flash back to Samsung Android OS if you decide to.

Thank u. That’s good. I will install the os through the installer as u Said :slight_smile:
Very curious about /e/os. That’s the least I can say

I have received the phone, I followed the instructions but when easy installer is searching for the phone it doesn’t find it

Are you sure your s9+ model is supported ?
as you can see in this image :


And have you allowed the adb connection in the developer options ?

Yes. I have the 965f.
I’m using the easy installer windows app.
No adb connection in the dev settings.
Everything was going well but I slipped my fingers of the buttons so had to do it again.but now the oem unlock is gone.It was there the first time.I did the trick with the date but that didn’t work

I got it further than before but now after pushing volume up, Bixby button, power, I got a screen with some options like wipe data, reboot recovery, reboot, something with SD card and db to. All small letters. I came up to this instead of saying teamwin

I did volume up. Than I get in easy installer press volume up, brixby, power and than I get this screen, and right before I got a green screen for only a couple milli seconds with a android fella


for your information both the Fairphone 3 and Galaxy S9+ were available with /e/OS pre-instaled in our eShop.

Have you successfully installed /e/OS ? If not, this alternate installation method could help.

Yes i successfully installed e/os .

Check MicroG settings, (in settings)
Check all apps permissions (in settings)
Check all apps data access (in apps permissions)
Check all apps attributes (in settings->privacy->trust ->droidguard->avanced menu)

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The first check is ok ,
Second to, but the last 2 are not clear to me.
Where do i find data access? In the settings of the app itself? The last one ,i cant find anything with droidguard. I did go to trust , than privacy protection , looked for an app Called droidguard but didnt found any, than advanced but there are so many apps there.