Stuck installing /e/ on S8


after several LineageOS on my Galaxy S8 dreamlte I wanted to give /e/ a try.
With the easy-installer it worked quite well but now I got stuck in the installation process.
After I changed the settings like the easy-installer wanted to, I rebooted the device with “Off/Bixby/Vol down” and got to a turquoise page with
“Warning, a coustom OS can… Press Volup to continue”
I did, but there is nothing about a factory reset as it should according to easy-installer. But now I have
“download - do not turn off target”. Even after hours nothing happened.

I would appreciate any hints!
Thanks in advance, kr,

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The manual installation process of /e/OS ‘R’ on Galaxy S8 dreamlte no different from LineageOS. The advantage of the manual installation is: You’ve control while flashing.

Hi Gianna, thanks for your reply.
Of course I could move to the manual installation, but I never liked it and I was so happy that a GUI-tool is available.
So perhaps there is anyone who can help me with that problem.
Otherwise I will certainly move to the shell.
Thanks and kr,


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