Stuck on configuration of sync between Mail app and Office365

Hello community,
I’d appreciated your assistance on syncing office365 with Mail app (K-9)
Configuration goes well until I get prompted to continue but when I tap on continue
nothing happens.

Any ideas ?

if you search into the forum with “office365”, “microsoft” or “teams” you’ll get quite a few issues back.

looks like you already “unblocked” that tracker so you can get at

… is this k9 proper or the Mail fork by /e/? latter has a bug for the return from the oauth portal.

k9 itself (non-fork, upstream) should work though

The Mail app says it’s a fork of K-9. You reckon upstream one will work ? Just another app to download.

yes, sure thing. I looked at the /e/ fork, offered a bugfix, but it wasn’t picked up last I checked - Mail with Outlook/Office365 servera - #9 by tcecyk / (gitlab)