Stuck with no more apps accessible and infinite spinning wheel

While I was trying to install Joplin (Joplin keeps crashing at launch), I’ve updated /e/ to version 2019110830013 on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with pre-installed version of /e/ (original version was lineage_hero2lte-userdebug 7.1.2 NJH47F20191008).

While removing an app (WhatsApp) on my main profile (I have also Shelter installed), the phone rebooted and since then, I can’t access the apps (all the app icons have disappeared on the phone) and I have infinite spinning wheel. Here is a screenshot:
The only thing I can access is the top sliding menu of the phone.

I’ve tried to reboot with safe mode but with no success.

Many thanks in advance for troubleshooting.

I’ve missed this topic: Bliss not starting after updating to /e/OS 0.7-2019111731019 that describes workaround to fix the issue.

Thanks to the community!

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