Suggestions for setting up a computer for /e/OS building (and of course other Android Open Source versions...)

It will be nice to compare with dual-channel RAM interleaving on/off, and Hyper-Threading on/off.

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Also using cache or not?

Without caching, it’s quite sure that performances will decrease :wink:
But you may try, this world of ours is full of surprises!

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As an example of unexpected, I remember an attempt on a dual E5xx Xeon with more than 256GB RAM (quad channel) was not as fast as a simple i7 with 64GB.
Culprit: the NUMA interleaving. Also Ubuntu is not very good at SMP tuning, should have needed some kernel tuning.

I also have a project to attempt building on a ppc64 (IBM E9xx Power9), but this will take time and I don’t have much for now :confused:

The conclusions (at least for my hardware or similar hardware):

(I) Fast M.2 SSD does not improve build performance over SATA/600 SSD
(II) Cache is slightly decreasing build performance
(III) Without SMT/HT: performance decrease about 15%
(IV) More RAM: minimal improvement

So a fast CPU with many cores is a plus, cache and more RAM than 32GB have minimal impact.


Would be interesting if and how 128GB and a ramdisk perform

That match my feelings: compiling speed is mostly related to pure, raw, computing performance.

Thanks @ronnz98 for your work and feedback :smiley_cat:

Would be nice from compiler to be able to use GPU!

I suppose this would not have much of an impact

or if money does not play a role:

here some 2022 benchmark numbers and core/mem-ratio +storage behaviour comments -

Didn’t yet build on a machine with that many core/threads (>32), so I maxed them out before anything else. Core to mem ratio as 1:2 feels true. Cache on nvme didn’t matter much. With 4-cores, you can even build on sata hdd to keep them cores busy.


If price isn’t the limit, I personally go for :wink:

In the past, I built some with a bi-Xeon Gold 5xxx (2 * 32 cores), came to the conclusion that a high number of cores (or sockets ?) may need some OS or compiler tuning … I saw performance increase staling with more than ~40 cores.

When it comes to high level performance, with the costs associated, I now prefer to use cloud VM with Docker method. It can be up and building within minutes, and my home keeps silent :smile:
For example, CCX63 at Hetzner, costs less than a good beer to produce a ROM image.

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ah cool. When I have too much money I in the future I will setup a build monster :slight_smile:

Just saw a good offer if anyone is interested:

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and btw if anyone in Germany is looking for an upgrade, I sell my old hardware as upgrade kit:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X AM4
RAM: Kingston FURY DIMM 64 GB DDR4-3600 (2x 32 GB)
CPU Cooler: be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim
Mainboard: AM4 ASUS PRIME X570-P

I wish I could build on this :innocent:
And yes, it can run Linux :crazy_face: