Support fo f(x)tec Pro1X

it seems to not be a huge thing to get the pro1x (successor of the already supported pro1) to work,

Vendor Lnk

I have one device here and would try to get it done my self but have to go through all the documentation yet. Maybe someone can give me a hand …


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And here is the lineage-project-page:

I suggest you follow the Lineage instructions to build and then test their build. That way you can collect a “working” roomservice.xml to use in local_manifests in your chosen /e/ build method.

For a more “hands on” approach

This device is supported by LineageOS for microG and builds no problem using that project’s Docker image

It should therefore build with no problems using the /e/OS Docker image as described in the How to Build the /e/OS ROM page linked in the pevious post

So there is a build here:
all that is missing is the recovery image …

well i try to roll my own …

Is a current issue, a workaround [Walkthrough] Extract eRecovery and boot images using payload-dumper-go

It supported and you can found it here:

Usually you can also use the LineageOS recovery:

e-recovery extracted from paylaod.bin ~

[98.304 KB] e-recocery ~ e-1.15-t-20230919331436-dev-pro1x-recovery.img

TNX i could build it and used the lineage-micro-G recovery, that worked:D