Support Strategy like Android One?

One of the traditional issues with Android has been that shortly after release of the device and latest at release of the successor device, many vendors stop providing updates. Android One tries to address this and provides updates for three years.
I am wondering how long E-Foundation is going to support devices and what that support cycle depens on. Actually I can speculate that it should be easier to provide good support on devices that ship initially with Android One.
Now what is the support strategy?
Thanks, Joachim


we don’t have an official support plan.

But we aim to support devices available in our eShop at least for two years (after the last purchase).

For other devices, for now the list tends to be filled with devices officially supported by LineageOS on Pie and Android 10.
Nougat will be dropped in the next few months.
You can have a look at which devices will be dropped here.

in your eShop I am missing current mid-range phones (say around 150-250€), preferably with dual sim. Similar for LineageOS. What causes you and/or Lineage not to consider these? I´d definitely prefer to buy a phone that will work for 2-3 years, but I don´t really care a lot about video or camera.

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