Switching from Lineage

Hey folks,

I’m looking to make the switch to /e/ from a lineage os installation on a Pixel 3 however, the installation instructions are written from the perspective of someone who is on Google’s Android and needs to unlock everything and what have you.

Wondering if theres any changes to that instruction set I should be aware of or should I just be able to skip the parts about opening the bootloader and otherwise proceed on course.


Hi @RevRocky welcome to the /e/ forum. You might have noticed that our install page, Install /e/ on a Google Pixel 3 - “blueline” includes

Caution: Do not install /e/OS on top of a higher version of stock OS. Before installing /e/OS ensure your device has the latest stock OS of the same version as /e/OS. If only lower versions of the stock are available then install the last available lower version before installing /e/OS.

This caution is not seen in LineageOS, I think. In a significant number of cases failure to start from a foundation of the Stock ROM can give difficulties. (If you chose not to go back to stock ROM wipe data is probably wise.)

If you have a little experience flashing Lineage … “just be able to skip the parts about opening the bootloader” … exactly … then I think everything will go as you expect.

Hello, it seems that I have a similar question :sweat_smile: I used Lineage OS 19.1 (~ Android 12) and yesterday I installed /e/OS R 1.3 on my Motorola Moto G7 Power (ocean). Now I wonder why my phone cannot catch WiFi connection for long time. I mean situation when I am installing the apps for example and out of the blue WiFi stops working, while I still can use it on my computer :think:
The question is if I should install first Lineage OS 18.1 (Android R) and after that /e/OS?
Or maybe start with TWRP with wiping out everything on the phone, and only after that install /e/OS R 1.3 on top of it? :thinking:

edit: ok, it seems like LineageOS does no longer offer lower version files to download :cry:

A downgrade to the correct Android version via Lineage has been reported successful in some Samsungs recently.

If you can find the manufactures ROM this should work, if the device is down-gradeable like that.

In this case we can look at and compare the device trees at 18.1 and 19.1

18.1 https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_motorola_ocean/tree/lineage-18.1
19.1 https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_motorola_ocean/commits/lineage-19.1

We see 19.1 is 9 commits ahead.

In a quick search these commits are for the build, so do not lend themselves to patching direct to the device with your existing e-1.3-r-xxx-ocean

Depending how much sense this actually makes to you :slight_smile: you might make a list of the ahead commits (might not accurately be the newest commits) that are actually in 19.1.

This might help inform a better clue as to whether the downgrade is the only route or if some sort of non-trivial patch might be applied as you reinstall e-1.3-r-xxx-ocean` over the 19.1 “foundation” which I guess you have existing.

ocean does appear on this list [LIST] Devices we plan to upgrade to /e/OS S

Perhaps also watch #development-updates for news.

I do not understand everything about the patching details unfortunately, however I have noticed that after switching off faked IP in privacy widget in /e/ the OS slightly speeded up :thinking:
Question is, if wifi slows down a lot when using fake ip in /e/ privacy widget?

To eliminate Advanced Privacy from problem, I would just ensure it is turned off for a while if you think it is worth continuing to test this build.

I see it as advanced privacy. I hate the idea of being tracked I already try avoid it with www.trackercontrol.org and try not to use apps with bad εxodus reports.

If I had a use case for more advanced privacy I can always turn it on. Except in my own custom build for a different device, where it is not installed at all. /e/ works fine for me either way.

with exodus I have the same, bad app report takes me away from the app itself :angel: /e/ from what I have read seems to be taking more care of phone privacy than LineageOS and I want to give it a try :smiling_face:
I will try to find LOS 18 (android 11) version to install and first and than replace it with /e/ R, maybe this will help :thinking:
and I wonder one more thing, if I used phone quite a lot for installing some ROMs, could it use up the phone itself faster?