System.img missing on install Page for GigasetGS290

Hi there,

I followed the procedure on that page to install /e/os on the brand new Gigaset GS290 I’ve just bought for.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the ‘system.img’ file (there only boot.img and recovery.img available) on that page and could not finish the install.

NB : There is also no mirror available for the Android 10 firmware on androidfilehost, but I did the upgrade through the phone.

Could someone help me to find the ‘system.img’ file please ?


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The page says …

Downloads for the GS290


Additional images: [<- It says “Additional”.]


Install /e/

  1. Download and extract the /e/ ROM [<- The download link was given above … Q stable.]


  1. Download boot.img and recovery.img next to system.img file [<- It says “next to”, the system.img file is already there, it got extracted from the downloaded file in step 1.]

Mirror here : Stock GS290 Rom anyone? - #4 by smu44


Vielen Dank AnotherElk …

TXS a lot for the link smu44