Tablet Samsung Tab S5e LTE - questions before installation


I am thinking about buying a S5e refurbished to install /e/OS.
Being a noob with ROM installation and so forth, I would like to ask any other users of the same model:

  • is it easier to proceed with Win10 or Linux Mint?
  • is the procedure stupid-proof, or are there any delicate steps where I should be extra careful?

I am asking because, some years ago, I had found tricky to install /e/OS 0.7 from Win10, and I really hope that the situation is improved now (although, by reading the documentation, I doubt it …)

Thank you in advance for any advice

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[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/

it doesn’t matter the OS running on your PC,
the main task are :

  • unlock the bootloader
  • flash the custom recovery

then install /e/OS is a pleasure party…

Odin is GUI on Windows, CLI on linux
Heimdall is quasi-inusable on windows, GUI or CLI on linux

reboot into recovery mode IMMEDIATLY after flashing the custom recovery manager IS THE POINT

“Your first boot into the custom recovery” by @aibd

Thank you @piero for your reply.

Since the official installation guide is about Odin, I think Win10 would be my choice.
Unfortunately, the more I read, the more I think it will be tricky for me (due to my knowledge).

I will write to you in private. Thank you