Teracube 2e Call Quality

New Teracube 2e user, here! I have enjoyed it so far and the latest update to /e/OS .18 solved a couple minor issues I was having. Thanks for the efforts of all involved!

One challenge I am currently having is poor call quality. It’s so bad that it’s pretty much unusable. Sound is either garbled or cutting in and out.

My carrier is Ting and I’m using the version of their service that uses the T-Mobile network.

Signal strength at my residence is usually less than half (around 40%), but that has never affected call quality on other devices. I have an iPhone SE (2016) and call quality has always been excellent.

I have tried walking around to different places in my home and even taking the phone outside to see if call quality improves, but it does not make any difference.

I have tried enabling and disabling WiFi calling, plugging in a headset, and using speakerphone. None of that improved anything, either.

Could it be a software issue? Maybe buggy drivers?

I would really like to use this phone for a good long while, but I need some hope that call quality might improve.

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We are having the same issues here with our Terracube 2e on T-Mobile.

Maybe you should add these details to the topic on carriers that work or do not work with /e/OS


I’m experiencing the same issue with Straight Talk/T Mobile. I think it may have something to do with not being priority customers with the service providers or it could actually be the phones. Not sure. I do know that with the Straight Talk package that contains 3 SIMs and a service card, ONLY T-Mobile option appears to be compatible. Unfortunately that’s also causing me serious issues with terrible signal.