Teracube 2e Privacy and Security

I apologize if I’m asking something that’s already covered elsewhere, but I didn’t have much luck searching through the forums, and I’d like to assuage these concerns before my current contract runs up and I make the leap to a new device.

I’m curious about the preinstalled Teracube 2e phones, namely are they fully-secured devices with appropriately locked, verified bootloaders or if they present the same security vulnerabilities present with other phones that have had a custom ROM installed?

I also have some concerns about /e/OS’s security in general. I’ve heard some criticisms of the OS along those lines, though I’m not actually technical enough to grasp the full details of them. Would these be likely to present a concern for an ordinary user?

I’m not a totally technically inept user; I’d describe my level of expertise as “I not only know what a command-line terminal is, but have commanded a few lines through one.” I’m not anyone of any kind of high-profile or unique interest, I am however badly prone to anxiety and paranoia, could an /e/OS Teracube 2e be an option for someone like myself just looking for a little extra peace of mind?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

To get details of what /e/OS is check the document here
You will also find a FAQ which answers some of the usual questions.
/e/OS is not a hard core secure OS if that is what you are looking for. Our target user base prefers to avoid sending their data to the Googles of the world and at the same time would like to use applications like whatsapp.
With this information in hand my suggestion is you make your own decision as to what OS suits you best. The OS experience is same across all devices.

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Thank you very much for your time.

I hate to keep at this, but in trying to come to my own conclusions on this matter, I am finding, even even with your links there, it hard to tell if I’d be losing out significantly in regards to security compared to an inexpensive stock android phone, though I would expect leaving a corporate ecosystem is always a tradeoff for greater privacy and the increased protections of an open-source environment. I don’t expect the kind of attention to security one might find with GrapheneOS or PureOS, which would be overkill for my needs anyway.

I also still have no idea if /e/OS is considered the stock OS of the Teracubes it’s sold on, meaning they’ve neither been rooted nor had their bootloaders unlocked. Apparently this is the case for the FairPhones with /e/OS, but they aren’t available outside Europe.

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I have similar issue, hovewer the other way round :sweat_smile: I would like to buy Teracube 2e with shipping to Europe. With /e/ os preistalled it would be great :innocent:

Pl check the response here

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thank you for the response :smiley: