Terracube 2 e /o/s screen turns off when number is dialed

Terracube 2 e /o/s
screen turns off when number is dialed (phone app).

How to keep dial screen on when number has dialed

Please help resolve this issue, thanks

seems similar to

a logcat at the moment of a call can bring more insight, there surely is an error log line on it

To be clearer screen turns off (goes black)

Terracube 2e loud speaker also ear speaker (decibels) loudness not loud enough esp with bit of background noise (really awful) cant even think they used such bad speakers. So getting a call answers call as soon as answering call screen turns off then press on button caller screen appears then turn loudspeaker on. This started since last update 1.4.

Prior to the update the incoming call & making outgoing calls screen stayed on .

I have been through settings no setting to change this. I even changed screen timeout no results.

(((I wish the speakers are as loud as sonim xp8 or as loud as iphone)))))

Please tell me what can be done resolve the issue. Thanks

adding a logcat to the issue at time of “goes dark” would help for sure. If there is a fix on this upstream at lineage a rebuild helps too.

The speaker issue seems separate.

Edit: is the device bhought from mudena / e? Then shot them a mail to the support referencing this thread

I have some know how on cell phones getting out of small jams or issue i am able to resolve. when it comes to making logcat or trying to activate an app such a magisk i have very basic idea i get lost easy.

Speaker an loud speaker from day 1 when i got it ----- i bought the phone direct from murena e/os off their website with e/os preinstalled. I spoke with e/os of speaker an loud speaker volume not good its turned up as high as volume will go. E/os checked into software see if issue they said all ok that is an issue with manufacturer of terracube i called email them they said nothing they can do must be issue with e/os. Terracube i dont think much of terracube manufacturer like the phone concept of removable battery dual sims they seem to be focus to much on being green not on phone an customer service not that great.

I have done 2 factory resets back to back also went through all the setting trying different option still the same as to volume also with screen turning off at first – answering or making call —. In order really hear what the caller is saying the loud speaker must be on (i do have very good hearing)

Not long ago review the reviewer said terracube volume is unsatisfactory.

I really thankful grateful for murena e/os all they are doing they finally have phone for u.s.a. market the phone well it should be better. Thats my only choice at this time.

Please all of you help resolve both or or ether issue, most of my costumers businesses are noisy imperative to be able hear conversation i can deal with one or the other issues not both thank you

Understood !

Just a thought … on the screen turns off issue, are you aware of the proximity sensor? The screen is expected to go off as you put the phone to you ear, and to come back on as you take the phone away from your ear to look at it. This can be tested with the phone out of any case, and you move your hand in the region of the sensor.

Regarding logcat it might be worth reviewing this page. https://doc.e.foundation/support-topics/create-a-log.html. There is a logcat facility built into /e/OS but I do not see an entry level intro to it in https://doc.e.foundation/support-topics.

The speaker issue looks hard to fix, but it might be a good idea to to open another thread on the subject of speakers and check out if others users here are affected. The logcat will probably be less useful in this case.

You can start a new topic (and avoid too many duplicated words) like this

Edit, I notice that you tested other dialers Murena: best dialer – did this have any impact on this issue?

Further edit, I see this issue (with a similar one linked within) in the Teracube forum.


Thanks for sticking with me working to help see this trough i am grateful for you sincerely thanks.

I am aware of proximity sensor, no covering that area does not turn screen off. Search in settings a way to adjust proximity did not could not find any adjustment its possible have overlooked not sure.
As to logcat (will try study learn how to use) nokia was so much better way back) bcus of you now i know what it is i heard of it before also i heard of adb (thats part of start to root or instal magisk) also i am aware of developer option since kitkat 4 first android phone for me i came from very old old nokia Symbian device.
Speaker issue — i believe they use the worst cheapest speaker they could buy just have to live with it till e/os gets much better phone for U.S.A market thats the same size like sonim xp8 or similar.

As to posting its confusing to me to what category to post topics i am trying went back trying to figure how to remove also repost in proper place , even delete a post.( side not life long 63 years been fighting with Dyslexia some thing dont come easy for me)
Need to go at the moment please continue your help will need to continue answering question later today
Trying other calling app ----- yes i have tried other call apps from f-droid no change tried open contacts also emerald no change i did not try [Murena: best dialer] i dont think i know that one ,will look it up. In that posting i was just trying to help someone with recommendation of dialer app something like what symbian has or like kitkat version that makes more sense than what offered today.
Maybe there is no solution hopefully very soon E/OS will offer much better devices with E/OS preinstalled to the U.S.A. Market . As i said b4 i am very very happy with E/OS they are truly wonderful people wish them the very best.
I still looking seeking a solution with i lack the technical knowledge of software an comprehension makes it tough for me.
Oh on f droid app called proximity sensor fix gave it a try at first it work later could not get it to work.


It is a part of the start to root … but I suggest you do not get diverted by root and magisk at this stage.

adb or Android Debug Bridge is covered in Support topics on this page (containing links to Windows and Linux method):

Android Debug Bridge in its latest version is, simply put, a relatively safe way of communicating at a fundamental level with an Android device from a PC.

Well thanks for all the info .
My head is swimming with all this info need to digest info before going through the steps now i am wondering if its worth the effort for me i am slow learner somewhat self learning.
No i would not get diverted adb root i just saying i know what adb is cus of talk of rooting so on , although i sure would like some body take me by the hand teach me on rooting.
As i mentioned i have some knowledge of o/s learning for me is very hard when it comes to this type of tech knowledge
When comes to old school machine shop skill or fabricating similar that come fairly easy

Thanks billy

have you seen this issue @Duke - Screen going dark due to screen protector - #12 by doc1623 - General - Teracube Community ?

Do you use a screen protector? it might mess with the proximity sensor. Though the thread in the end is inconclusive.

The “Simple Dialer” can disable the sensor, so the screen would stay on, but it’s bad for battery+heat ofc.

My guess is the screen-goes-dark behavior is due to firmware.

Not sure if the flash images include all firmware partitions and those are kept updated, 2e users here in the forum might know better.

I assume you’re on the latest version of /e/ for the 2e - 1.4 q

Not using screen protecter
The dialer i have used from f droid are emerald removed some time ago, used simple dialer did not like format the dialer i like is open contacts real nice format makes sense nothing goofy .
Will try s.d. See if that app jar loose what ever has happen or keeps screen on.

Again try explain best i can. Dialer a call comes in swipe up to answers call , at that moment screen stayed on then tap loud speaker to hear the caller because the ear speaker is so low decibel , cant get it loud enough even with quiet background. Loud speaker isn’t that much better.
Now what happen call comes in swipe up to answer call the screen turns off press power button dialer shows then turn on loud speaker. Maybe to some may not seem big deal when phone in pocket an busy diagnosing contractors in panel with meter in hands phone rings takes time get to phone plus activate loud speaker to hear the caller but the screen turns off then press power button so dialer shows enable loud speaker cus ear speaker parden my french SUCks pos.
This is my situation since last update and yes the phone is up to date waiting for this months new update. Maybe i just have to live with it till E/OS trashes teracube comes out with better device for the U.S.A market i dont EVER will go back devices that is google android system google is satan demonic demon.
I am so very very grateful for the people at E/OS all the dedication hard work they are doing. I hope they become a major player in the market .

Hope some one can help give a solution to this i am defiantly not skilled following getting involved to operating system i do have overall understanding, i am teachable need someone at my side teaching me.

All this is just because speakers are a joke when comes to sound (volume) decibel loudness .
I dont intend to be wordy this is the best i can do at the moment.
Thanks ! Billy

I understand your issue but can’t reproduce (with installing OpenContacts) - with my device, calling a number through OpenContacts the (system) dialer screen stays on until the proximity sensors detects an object. This thread needs another 2e users for reproduction of that problem.

For the sound volume, you can find threads on this at myteracube, for example Sound is very low - Teracube 2e - Teracube Community (if this wasn’t you already) - could’ve been due to feedback by users that they thought the minimum volume to loud prior at Min sound too high - General - Teracube Community

For the sound volume, you can find threads on this at myteracube, for example Sound is very low - Teracube 2e - Teracube Community
This is my post
The other post Min sound too high - General - Teracube Community Is some one else they did not clarify exact volume issue post was from android 10 if that make a difference.

I think terracube devices are very cheaply made with cheap costumer support yet i like the idea of dual sims removable battery heavy weight only reason i got this cus o/s is E/OS pure android an preinstalled an its for u.s.a. Market

I also have both of these concerns.
I just posted on the volume problem here.
The screen blanking was happening every time for a few months, then it stopped. A few weeks ago it started again, but not every time. Perhaps the intermittency points toward the proximity sensor and/or screen protector? Is anyone else still seeing this?

[Brando hi there

With my screen not staying on the cause was screen protector was cracked yet the screen its self like new. The screen protector is of high quality its very thick i was quite surprised. After replacing with new screen all ok. A new screen also has screen protecter already attached. To have screen installed 50 or either 100 cant remember.

As to volume decibels of the t2e i cant believe some wise guy approved of such low volume for this phone what a joke.

If you happen to come across solution to volume please advise
Btw as to t2e marketing environmentally sustainable i can care less they should put more effort towards loud speaker.

GOD bless

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you could mark your own answer as “solution” as to the post title, easy to other people having that issue getting a cue on what it could be

Only one issue is resolved//////----

Still have issue of volume decibel of loud speaker does not get loud enough to hear even in quiet space what the solution how to get more volume out of loud speaker i dont have one its very aggravating asking caller repeat what they say cus volume is so bad.