Testing builds and OTA updates


I have a S10 and I wanted to switch to e/os. Thing is I’ve got Android 12 (S) so it would be easier to directly go for S build. Testing builds seems to be available here. I was wondering if I installed this build, would it be possible to switch to standard dev branch (from testing dev) via OTA after testing is done, or would I need to re-flash the phone?


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For sure, you will be abble to install any build you choose running the recovery-e.
But OTA coming back from “test” to “dev”, i don’t know.


(don’t forget vbmeta)

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Please be aware that testing versions are … for testers :wink: and may be unstable.
Dev versions are more appropriate for a daily use.

Switching back from test to dev is quite simple:

  • mandatory : stay with same Android version (11,12, …)
  • disable staging server in Developer option
  • do an update check, wait for same or later /e/ version (1.3, 1.4, …) to be released for your Android version
  • install it
  • alternatively, you can download+flash it manually
  • as long as you meet the version constraints above it’s unlikely you may lose any data

Thank you to both of you :).