The default apps question

i think it’s weird that an open source degoogled os force you to have uninstallable apps.

even more when an app like Notes is a fork for nextcloud notes, basically telling you to use a whole suite of apps as the only way to use it otherwise, if you don’t like/don’t want nextcloud, you will just have a dead app on your phone.

same for bliss launcher, which crashes a lot and breaks many widget. it would be better to have a choice at installation for which kind of launcher you would like, or just make it easy to remove/swap in case you get a new one rather than let them conflict no-stop.

yep, i just wanted to say this.


Apart from Apps being uninstallable via the standard Android way, it’s not for lack of awareness that an easier way isn’t implemented yet …

“This has been a long-requested feature from some users. And we agree that there is no reason why we wouldn’t let users uninstall default apps in /e/OS. It’s not trivial to implement though, and that’s why it’s still not possible today. However, we know how we want to make it possible, so it’s now officially on the 2021 roadmap!”

this is a very good news and my bad for not checking that in advance.

however, it’s still a bit annoying that the notes app is a fork of nextcloud notes.
is it possible to sync it with other notepads apps at all? because i haven’t been able so far.

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Honestly while I don’t mind using the the murena services I do agree the choice of nextcloud notes as the system default app is quite questionable in my opinion as I feel none of the apps should force you to use an account. Even if there wasn’t a better option, you can’t even sync with the system default tasks app so I feel they could’ve done the same for a system default notes app. Or maybe they could’ve used carnet since the service supports it and login is optional. Although maybe they had reasons for not doing that such as for example you don’t have the ability to opt out of the trackers. I mean I’m sure the trackers are there with good intent but regardless I feel like there should always be a choice.

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I always thought they should allow you to use the original lineage os launcher as an option considering it is still in the system. The app is just unable to be used. You can still technically access it with an activity launcher but this wouldn’t do you any good unless you are just trying to check it out

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I just tried this one to answer your question:

Seems to work fine. It also did connect and sync successfully

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it did connect and sync with what? what are you using on your computer?

Well I assumed you were talking about the ecloud/murena cloud. So I tried that notepad app that I linked in the earlier post and it synced successfully on both ends. So if I’m not misunderstanding. If your having a sync issue with other notepad apps it’s probably due to either a invalid configuration or it’s a problem with the notepad apps you are trying to use. Apologies if I am misunderstanding