The /e/OS Easy Installer is here!

:loudspeaker: It’s now available!

The first beta of the /e/OS “easy” installer is now publicly available for download and test!
For now it supports the following phones: Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S7 Edge, S9 and S9 Plus (all Exynos based models).
If you have one of these phones and want to install /e/OS, don’t wait:

But you can help have this installer support your smartphone of choice: its source code is available ( and you can adapt the installation scripts to more devices, based on the installation procedures already available online.
Discuss this project on the dedicated discussion thread at: /e/ OS "easy" installer: how to help it support multiple devices!

Also, the installer is currently running on Linux and we are looking for contributors to help release it for both MacOS and Windows too. Feel free to join and help! As the software is in Java, it’s mostly packaging.
Discuss this project on the dedicated thread at: /e/ OS "easy" installer: how to help packaging it to MacOS and Windows

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Thank you to all the devs that worked hard on this!

I don’t have any of the phones that have been listed but I got to browse it.

I do have a feature request; I would suggest adding back button to go to the previous step, if we go to the next screen the only way to go back is to start over.