The /e/OS Installer arrives!

You can club the issues into one single bug. The developer has been asked to look into the issues being raised here and on Gitlab so it will be addressed.

Done. Issue 1296:

Could not figure out how to file it under label “easy-installer” though.

Thanks @AntoineGuichard for raising the issue. I have added the labels for easy-installer to the bug.

@rhunault for the stable branches it is possible to make a download link for the “latest” version of /e/, e.g.

This link does not work when you exchange the codename for hero2lte for e.g. my phone, a3xeltexx.

For all the other phones (so everything except S7,S7Edge,S9,S9+), what is the download link for the latest /e/ rom? I know about this link , but there each version has its own download link. I’m looking for a download link that stays the same and is always the latest rom.

Reason for asking is that we need a link to the latest rom for making the config files for the /e/ installer for this phone.

CC @Manoj

Hi @Rik pl raise this as a bug in Gitlab . Have passed on the details to the dev team. The solution may be to point to the dev builds but then there will be multiple builds showing up there. So possibly installer should pick up the latest in the series or user should be given an option to pick up which build they would want to flash.

I just saw that there are translation strings for the easy installer. I’d like to translate it in German. Could one of the @moderators open a new translation language, please (if this is in your plans)? I don’t have the rights.
I corrected also the English version, there were some orthographic faults (as suggestion).

Thanks for the good work!

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Hi @fab Thanks for volunteering to help with the translations.
Please can you check now. The German translation has been added to the list.

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You’re awesome! Thanks!

After all my questions on the forum (some in this thread) and, initially, a bit of frustration, I’m finally the happy owner of an /e/ phone thanks to the very generous proposition of @archje who did all the hard work in order to allow a relative of mine and myself to join /e/ users way ealrier and a lot more easily than it would have been possible. Thank you so much for finding the phones, flashing them and for all the time you’ve taken in the process!

As many of you already know, Archje really is a great asset to the /e/ team. I really admire him for taking so much time to help people in their discovery of a google free OS. I’m really thankful.

Now that I’m using /e/ for a few days, I can really say that I love this OS and that it totally suits my needs. Keep up the great work and thank you!


hello all, i was just reminded by the discussion of eRecovery, to note here that I remember the old CyanogenMod ‘easy installer’ to be available on Android itself. So you could download an app, press a button, and then it would convert your Google OS to a Cyanogenmod OS. This was really easy for non-expert users. I think that would be a great end-goal for the /e/asy installer as well. As an intermediary step, a Windows solution would be useful. Is that working already (sorry if I missed the discussion)?

It is being worked on and according to it looks rather advanced.


Yes indeed a window solution is being worked upon and should be shared soon with all


What about the easy installer for Mac?

my thought is that that might be taking it a bit far… Apple is working hard together with Google on locking people in, while MS appears to be moving towards open-source. (I even saw some gossip that future versions of Windows may be Linux-based…!)

I’m sure this doesn’t apply here. This is about getting a Java program (one of Java’s key features is that programs created with it is platform independent) work on Mac OS. And as Mac OS is a unix-like operating system, it should be even easier to make a program originally working on Linux run on Mac OS than on Windows.

It’s just that there seem to be no Mac developers interested in taking up the work.


Just received a Samsung Galaxy S9 for a new job that I started. Found the Easy Installer (supports S9) made by E-foundation and thought to give it a try. Great experience and works flawlessly. Thanks!


So the S9 you received was still under android oreo? I’ve heard that it would cause problems to try to install /e/os oreo (since the s9 version is still under oreo unfortunately) on a phone running a more recent version of android.

No, the S9 was updated to Android 10 already. With the installer, the downgrade went fine.


Hi - any update on the Installer usage on Pixel 1 / Windows? Thanks, a