The Future of Essential PH-1 Mata Support

We love our matas. Very stable on Pie. Fabulous hardware. But, will mata remain on the list of officially supported devices? Will it be upgraded to Q eventually? I ask this because, of course, Essential has closed up shop. Thanks.

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mata is officially supported by LineageOS on Android 10 so yes a test build will be made for this device once Android 10 will be available with /e/OS (September/October). If the test build works, it will still be officially supported by /e/.


Never owned an Essential but the news of the vendor shutting down made a lot of us sad. The device is on our roadmap for upgrade to Q. We would try our best to keep ‘old’ devices in circulation by putting out new OS builds for them.
The Q or LOS 17.1 version of /e/ code is still under development. Post testing expect the first /e/Q devices to roll out by end of this year :crossed_fingers: