Trebuchet as default launcher

eeeeh, but i don’t want to use bliss

I just tried the version for Android 9+ on my S7 with unofficial /e/OS (Pie), and it doesn’t work (repetitive crash).

When I had a S2 running CyonogenMOD, I was using Trebuchet and since then I have never found a better launcher.

Maybe Bliss is based on it, but at that time it was so different.

you should try Lineage

try lawnchair from f-droid v11

Indeed that’s the one I use, the best I have found.

yeah but then i would have 3 launchers installed on my phone
my idea was to remove bliss and only use trebuchet

Hi, Try Omega Launcher. It works.

Omega Launcher is the fork of Lawnchair

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Even installing and using another one, you cannot uninstall BlissLauncher

uninstall bliss = dead os

It seems really nice, thanks!

Not if you install another launcher (e.g OpenLauncher, Lawnchair, Omega) before you uninstall Bliss. See this post for details of how to uninstall Bliss (or any other system app)

Trebuchet is already present in /e/OS (as a system app), but cannot be started in the UI. But you can try uninstalling trebuchet as described in that post (its id is, then install it as a user app.

Good luck


This is Trebuchet version in /e/OS:

In the Settings I can choose which start app to use. I didn’t remove Bliss Launcher so I could go back if I would like to.

There are much more good launchers, for example ZIM-Launcher from F-Droid etc. It’s a matter of taste. You may try different ones and then choose the one you like the most.

I think it’s no problem to have more than one launcher installed. They only use about 2-5 MB of storage each.

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i think its a problem to have an app that i wont use at all
not the fact the it only uses 2 BM

Extremely late but im gonna say this anyways as a FYI for anyone who stumbles apon this. The trebuchet launcher does still exist in /e/os today. You just can’t select it as the default launcher nor open it normally. It’s hidden like the file manager usually is on stock android

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Thank you for pointing this out. That is probably the reason that no current Trebuchet version can be installed in parallel. That’s why it worked with the older version.
Is there a way to activate it?
(In the meantime, however, I have switched to Lawnchair, as it also allows alternative icon packs to be used).


Ah I see. I should try that when my new phone gets shipped to me. I was always wondering why it was still there in the first place actually. I assumed it’s that they couldn’t find a way to get rid of it without breaking the system or didn’t want to try so they just kind of buried it. I don’t know they may have it documented somewhere I didn’t bother to look

/e/ use Trebuchet to provide the ‘Recents’ functionality (i.e. the display of recently used apps that happens when you press the square navigation button). They diable the ability to use Trebuchet as the default Home screen launcher because, if two functioning launcher apps - e.g. Bliss and Trebuchet - are installed on the device, then the user will be offered a choice of which to use by default during first time setup. This is not acceptable to /e/ - see this comment in gitlab - because too much choice would be too confusing for their target users, so they disabled Trebuchet.