Trust credentials from google

why are still trut credentials from Google?

I have been using a Linux phone without them and works perfectly. are them neccesary??

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

hello there.

I can see in my e/ foundation phone one plus 6 the trusted credentials of Google trust are still there.
Isnt possible to do something about that??


You may have forgotten to wipe or to format a /partition before installing the /e/image

so what can i do then @piero

it doesnt say nothing about that here

In the official documentation, about TWRP :

  1. Go back to return to main menu, then tap Wipe.
  2. Now tap Format Data and continue with the formatting process. This will remove encryption as well as delete all files stored on the internal storage.

Missing step : reboot to recovery

  1. Return to the previous menu and tap Advanced Wipe.
  2. Select the Cache and System partitions to be wiped and then Swipe to Wipe.

You already have TWRP installed, so in my how to, Go directly to step 7) or 8)

I did all that exactly how is written, but the trust credencials form google are still there

What do you call “trust credencials form google” ?

Could you share a screenshot ?

/e/ is ungoogled (no system calls to gogol servers), but it is google compatible to attract average users, the project don’t want to be a geekOS

I don’t know what trust credentials are for,
I hope you receive others reply…

I dont understand your answer, so I hope that someone else can explain it.

I don’t see those certificate on my device

thats strange I will say

Witch build do you use ?
On witch device ?

hej @piero. is a OP 6 with the newest update

Still I can see thtrusted credencials from Google in my OP 6 after update to 0.15

Hej @Manoj . Is any news about trusted credentials from Google??

I wasn’t sure what these ‘Trusted Credentials’ are and what they are for. After some searching I found this page, which is useful and informative
Google is one of the certificate authorities

that issue secure certificates verifying the identity of web servers and other servers (such as mail servers).

So some of the web sites you view in your browser may use certificates from Google to verify their identity. This settings screen allows you to choose whether you wish to trust certificates from Google, or any of the other listed Certificate authorities for this purpose. If you don’t wish to trust them, then disable them on this page. But trusting Google certificates does not mean that Google is able to track you when you visit these sites.

Like it or not, Google are certainly ‘trusted’ for this purpose so, they need to be listed on this page, otherwise web sites that use their certificates would appear to be `untrustworthy’ and might not load in your web browser. If you want to not trust web sites that use Google certificates to prove their identity, then, as I mentioned above, you can ‘turn off’ the Google certificates - and any others you don’t want to trust - on this settings page.

I hope this helps to explain why Google appears - and needs to appear - in this list

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I understand your point. I have turn off myself them and my life hasnt been so hard for it. It just that if we wanna have a deggole telefon itcwill be great to consider it all. I have been using sailfishos and they dont use goole trust credentials in their telefones. So is possible. And maybe also the users we could be more aware of it. Maybe we could stop using also that web too? Maybe they are not that important at all?