Unlucky premiere LG G5 h850 & LG G3 d855 vs. LineageOS 17.1

I knew from the LineageOS Project for some time that a Come Back to LOS is planned for the LG G5 h850. This model has been supported by /e/ OS for quite some time. Currently only with /e/ OS e-0.7-n(ougat).

On 26th March 2020 the time had come and my joy was great, because I see this as a good omen for the migration from /e/ OS e-0.7-nougat to e-0.7-pie and higher.

The download for the first LOS 17.1 build and LOS recovery was possible for some hours.

Unfortunately my joy was not of great duration. The LG started with the animated LOS logo, but quickly got stuck and displayed the following error messages:

The same process was repeated with the LG G3 d855, the model which is also supported by /e/ OS.

Today, the download links are no longer available. For this purpose these messages are published on reddit:


Please do not update yet, it appears that we still have an issue with signing, resulting in broken builds.


LOS Gerrit

The same process was repeated with the LG G3 d855, the model which is also supported by /e/ OS.

I’m sure the LineageOS Build Team will get the matter under control. Good things take time to ripen …

The new LineageOS Recovery build lineage-17.1-20200326-recovery-h850 | d855

In the usability of LineageOS Recovery and Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) differ significantly.

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»We had not expected the Q to Pie revert should be an issue but unfortunately that seems to be the case now.«

From LOS 17.1 (Android 1Q) back to LOS 16.0 (Android 9 Pie) proved to be problem-free. After a “clean install”, the unofficial ROM LOS16.0 starts without issues. Apparently custom ROMs behave differently than StockROMs.

Also the second attempt to release an new LOS 17.1 Edition is failed. After a few hours the build lineage-17.1-20200401-nightly-d855-signed for the LG G3 d855 was withdrawn.

A build for the LG G5 h850 wasn’t released on April, 1st 2020. The signature problem is probably a serious issue for all devices.

LineageOS 17.1 for LG G3 d855 does not start even in the third attempt.


With LOS-Build lineage-17.1-20200402-nightly-d855-signed, the animated LineageOS logo is displayed for about 95 seconds, then a reboot is performed and ends in a constantly repeating boot loop.

Unlucky premiere LG G5 h850 vs. LineageOS 17.1

Yeah, it’s done. After several attempts, the LineageOS Project succeeded in generating a completely new LineageOS 17.1 for the LG G5 h850, among others. This is all the more pleasing because the build LOS 14.1 was the last supported version.

LOS 17.1 on LG G5 h850 starts …

… but then it will work …

How do you think things will go on with LG G5 (International) - “h850” and /e/ OS? Will there be a version e-0.7-pie by May 2020 or an edition e-1.0-pie this year. It will probably only remain a dream: /e/ OS 1Q …

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A second “Nighty” version was even released, but after renewed boot problems, both versions were withdrawn at a late hour.

The LOS Build Team will make it. There is no doubt about that on my part. But a good thing is worth waiting for.

No migration of e-0.7-n from /e/ is expected in the near future:

Unlucky premiere LG G3 d855 vs. LineageOS 17.1


Yeah, it’s done now. After several attempts, the LineageOS project has succeeded in creating a new edition of LineageOS for the LG G3 d855: LOS 17.1

LOS 17.1 on LG G3 h855 starts …

OS ROM Lineage-17.1-20200412-nightly-h850-signed with Android security patch level 5. April 2020 now.

OS ROM Lineage-17.1-20200412-nightly-d855-signed with Android security patch level 5. April 2020 now.

Brava! Bravo! Bravi! @Chimpthepimp

At this point it should also be mentioned extremely positively that /e/ OS ROM 9-pie builds of @Pantra are very good working firmware since months. Not least because he test and use them on your own LG G3 d855, which not all /e/ OS ROM developers can say about themselves.

Brava! Bravo! Bravi! @Panta

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not all /e/ ROM builders can own every device they are building for… please keep that in mind, as well as that most /e/ ROM builders are building in their spare time and for free…

Well, you’re not telling me anything new. I’m grateful for the work of the maintainers and appreciate them very much, no matter if they build Havoc-OS or LineageOS or /e/ OS ROMs. As a small gesture I sponsor one oand another custom rom builders every few months and recommend and/or install their ROMs. Each one should do what he does best and likes to do.

Yes, for me it’s astonishing that ROMs are built even though the device isn’t in the hands of the maintainer.

Since custom ROMs are my hobby, I buy one or the other device, test it and sell it again sometime. Theory is necessary, but practical experience has a clearer added value for me. Since I am an independent gentleman, I don’t have to make a profit when reselling. The only motivation for me is learning and knowing more than one device. And I like to share all this with other /e/nthusiasts.

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okay it sounded a bit reproachful but i know your good will and mind :slight_smile:

Oh, no, you misunderstood. That wasn’t at all an accusation against the recreational maintainers. It’s much more my astonishment that ROMs are built without an device to do so. @Panda is probably an exception. He builds his /e/ROM for his LG G3 and then shares his work.

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