[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] A Pi/e/ test ROM for the FP2

Maybe i can try building over night today, also theres other people who built newer versions, but with all of these unofficial builds you will not get ota updates…

No, im not, i just not have time for this building roms stuff.

search here with your device codename Unofficial /e/ Builds for Lineage Supported Phones


Thank you so much!!!

well, I’ve been providing unofficials with OTA and will provide an update around the end of september, when I’m back …
the latest build of mine is: https://ota.joameyer.de/LineageOTA/builds/full/e-0.7-p-20190822-UNOFFICIAL-FP2.zip

you should be able to install it on top of any other /e/-build.
but maybe you might want to wait until it is updated again :slight_smile:


Last update from yesterday (with OTA): e-0.7-p-20190923-UNOFFICIAL-FP2.zip

edit: fixed link…


Dear fodinabor,

Thanks for your update! I just installed it. However I still get a security warning when booting saying that the built is signed with public keys. Do you know how to remove that??

rebuilding with private keys now… will test for my self first, don’t know all implications of it, tough… (like encryption and updating to official /e/ builds some day, that are signed with different keys)

edit: using private keys breaks the OTA from the old builds to the new one, as they check whether they used the same build…
@Leon, @ff2u: I guess you two use the OTA? would you be fine, if I’d continue building with the private keys, i.e. you’ll have to flash a new build once, to be able to use the OTA again?

Thanks for asking and for offering the OTA updates!
Actually the last builds I’ve used I had built myself. So I currently wouldn’t worry.

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Thank you! I don’t know the implications either… do you anyway know why we get this security warning with public keys? It it worth the work that you need to put in? Or might we just wait for a official version?

If you build a new one, I don’t mind to flash the new build once.

I think this just prevents hijacking of the OTA, if I read that correctly:
i.e. only someone with the keys I’ve generated now is able to create a build, that the updater will accept for updating. this does not affect any other functionality. The update to someone else’s builds (like officials) usually has to be done via TWRP anyways…

So if you’d like to get a signed build from me, that disables that warning and ensures, that builds from my OTA server are created by me, please flash this file:


Great!!! Thank you!!

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Thank you @fodinabor ! Your e-0.7-p-20191003-UNOFFICIAL-FP2 build works perfectly !

I had 0.7-n, I dirty-flashed 0.7-o over it (causing a bootloop), then dirty-flashed your 0.7-p directly over again, and my phone booted fine ! I’m now curious to see how the OTA updates behave. :slight_smile:

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My unofficial build e-0.7-p-20191019-UNOFFICIAL-FP2.zip includes October security updates but no OTA updates.

update is up, you should get notified or manually search for updates.

p.s.: I’m trying to not build unnecessarily if no changes have been made, so I’m usually looking whether the official nougat images are updated and build afterwards.

Installing right now. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hey guys,
As of two days ago (6.2.) there are official pie builds for the FP2: https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP2/
I encourage you to switch to official builds, by manually flashing the provided images.

That said: I will probably continue providing my builds, providing you with easy OTA updates until you find the time to manually flash the official builds.

EDIT: keep in mind to download an image with -p- in it and not -n- … Seems like they still build nougat and publish the links in the same place… That’s somewhat confusing…


Great news, and thank you for your continued work ! :slight_smile:

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Great! Thank you! Did you already try the switch? In the testing phase of the official build I always ram into problems when I just flashed the official on top your unofficial one.
Wiping data partition helped, restoring a backup of it caused problems…