[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Google Pixel 7a (lynx) for /e/OS-T


For this build I used the gitlab theMuppets vendor files for lynx

I’m back! Thank you so very much, @ronnz98, you’re an absolute legend! My new Pixel 7a came in the mail from Google, and I decided to wait up after you had mentioned you were going to make a build from 1.17. I installed your 1.17 build and used the vendor_boot I extracted from it, and everything went perfectly. Any plans on when a build like this will go official? :slight_smile:

Thats great! This would be a question to the eFoundation team if this version will go official.


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Update for /e/OS-T 1.19


This will be the last build since from T version 1.20 this device will be officially supported.

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