[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] I can build unofficial /e/ rom for your LineageOs supported device

I was able to get past set up but i cannot activate anything while the setup runs for instance. if i set up screen lock it crashes the system or ive i log into eelo it takes forever and will cause my system to restet itself. I was able to boot into the rom and it looks brilliant it just crashes a lot which was expected. i tried to launch the messaging app and it crashed my system. how would i send you system data to help catch these bugs?

You can find updated discovery build here Unofficial /e/ Builds for Lineage Supported Phones

If it’s possible and you find the time, can you please build the rom for Samsung S5 Neo ( s5neolte). It’s officially supported now by Lineage. Thnx in advance…

Hi Unknown, could you make a pie build for shamu please? Been trying to make one myself, but have never done it before and not having much luck. Thanks!

Hi @unknown , could you make a pie build for Raspberry Pi 3B+? I have been wanting this for a little while

There is an unofficial lineageos build for it.
Thank you so much!

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No i couldn’t, only can build for LineageOS officially supported devices

Ok, thank you! I appreciate it

Thank you! Just installed your shamu build last night, works beautifully. No complaints! To me, looks like all the e devs have to do is start building it officially

Olá tenho um ulefone viena , gostaria de usar um OS ‘e’ android pi talvez !
Tem como me ajudar nisto😁

Hello, newbie user here. Can you help me get /e/ or something like it, on a moto g7 power model? Fingers crossed…

So far, no official /e/ rom for Samsung A5 (2016):

LineageOS supports it:

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@unknown could you please manke a rom for the Tab A
SM-T510? Samsung Tablet from April 2019.

only for those devices https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/

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Unknown, did you make the build for the lg v410? If so it works great. Regardless, could you make a build for the LG Aristo 2? Lm-x210ma, CV1. It has unofficial builds of lineage 14.1 and 15.1, but there’s no working audio on the 15.1 ROM. They’re on Androidfilehost.com

OLá tenho um tablet que está sem um ROM, Vc poderia construir “e” para meu Tablet Trio Stealth G5 7.85" ( M300-8G7660 V11_140830 SWWH_LT ) grato !