[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] OnePlus 11 (salami) for /e/OS-T

Time for my first OnePlus unofficial release :slight_smile:
OnePlus 11 (salami) for /e/OS-T-1.16


Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

Use it at you own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!

Updated link:

Updated link:


Ha -ha-ha, hi-hi -hi, hi -ho -ho, hu. Enthusiasts never get a full neck. The glass is always only half full :wink:

@ronnz98’s e-1.16.1-t-20231102-UNOFFICIAL-salami.zip contains a file named payload.bin. These files are extracted:

boot (201 MB), dtbo (25 MB), init_boot (8.4 MB), odm (2.2 GB), product (1.5 GB), recovery (105 MB), system (2.6 GB), system_dlkm (348 kB), system_ext (466 MB), vbmeta (12 kB), vbmeta_system (4.1 kB), vbmeta_vendor (4.1 kB), vendor (1.1 GB), vendor_boot (201 MB), vendor_dlkm (102 MB)

For a first clean install you need - e-Recovery : Download secure from here:


Happy Flashing :crossed_fingers:

Update for /e/OS-T 1.20:


The OnePlus 11 5G is now officially supported by LineageOS:

Many thanks for yhe update!

Now the OnePlus 11 officially is supported by LineageOS, can we aspect that in the future there will be Official e/OS build for the OnePlus 11?

Is this also the place where i can report a issue with the build?

The GPS position is not correct while “advanced privacy → fake geolocation” is off.

Already reset the complete phone, same issue.

This would be a question to the eFoundation team

No, not for my unofficial builds. I’m not a developer- please have a look at respective XDA forum section for this device

I don’t know why, but the problem is solved by it self. So no problems with the build so far, working great.

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Hi, thanks for this build !
Before testing it, what about safetynet pass ?

Ronnz98, is there any change that you will make an updated version with the latest security updates?


I don’t see an official version yet( maybe it will never)
So i hope you will post an updated version, because i don’t know how.

Will do when /e/OS v2.0 is realeased

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You are the best!

Many thanks. I will install it thursday.


With this build the camera doesn’t work anymore.

Did you also try a different camera app?

Yes multiple, also newly installed some and from the original reset the cache and return the settings to fabric.

Any better with this version?


To bad, same issue.

After the message’s the screens stay’s black