[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo (s5neolte)

Works great for me as well. Just installed and configured it, and have had no problems.

My latest build for S5neolte and tested on my own device. This is a Pie-version.
As always, try on your own risk and make a backup first.

Download: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=8889791610682926569

Rom : e-0.11-p-20200829-UNOFFICIAL-s5neolte.zip

Update Q for S5neolte

Make a backup first and enjoy

New up-to-date unofficial Q-build for Samsung s5neolte with october security patch. Tested on my device.

I am preparing to install an unofficial build of /e/ from

which is a folder containing the successive versions of Unofficial builds of /e/ done by @itsclarence.

First, I want to double-check which version I should install. I am aiming to install the e-0.12-q-20201102 version, both because it seems 0.13 has not been released yet (0.12 might be more stable?) and also the 0.12 version has version “q” as its base, while the 0.13 version has “p” (pie) as its base. I am in favor of the idea of having a “q” based build over a “pie” based build. Is there anything else I should know about the differences between e-0.12-q-20201102 and e-0.13-p-2020-11-09 and which is currently recommended?

I also wanted to double-check that the following steps are the correct procedure to follow. I plan to follow the steps as outlined at https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/s5neolte/install. In summary (I have not listed every little step, I just want to verify I have the big picture and am not following the wrong set of directions), I will:

  1. Install adb on my computer.
  2. Enable USB debugging on the Galaxy S5 Neo.
  3. Enable Developer Options and OEM unlock on the Galaxy S5 Neo.
  4. Install Heimdall on my computer.
  5. Boot the Galaxy S5 Neo into download mode, plug it in to my computer via USB, and run heimdall print-pit to ensure the phone reboots, thus verifying all of the previous steps up to this one.
  6. Download TWRP, use Heimdall to install it on the Galaxy S5 Neo, and reboot the phone into recovery.
  7. Sideload the e-0.12-q-20201102-UNOFFICIAL-s5neolte.zip file (carefully following all of the substeps, of course).

Is there /e/ specific installation documentation anywhere, or am I correct to follow the LineageOS installation instructions (while making appropriate changes relevant to /e/, namely using the .zip file for /e/ as mentioned above)?

Thank you, and a Happy Thanksgiving from here in the USA!

Is it possible that here is no “OEM unlock” feature in the developer options of the s5 firmware, it comes with some “marshmallow” update

This is not for your exact model but SM-G901F, s5 plus, s5 LTE-A :

You can read this how-to :

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You better install your recovery TWRP by following this tutorial if you’re on windows. This is much easier.


You’re right. I’m just confusing two things. Root is not necessary …

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Alrighty, thank you both for the links and advice. Good news: it worked! I have successfully installed /e/ on my Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. I am pretty comfortable on the command line, and I was able to complete the steps of the GNU/Linux HOWTO linked above from a laptop running GNU/Linux.

I’ll install a SIM card soon and will report back if there any any troubles with phone calls, SMS, MMS, etc.

I used the following versions of various things:
/e/ build: e-0.12-q-20201102-UNOFFICIAL-s5neolte.zip
GNU/Linux: antiX 19 (based on Debian 10)
TWRP: 3.4.0-0
adb: Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.39/Version 1:8.1.0+r23-5 (installed via apt-get)
heimdall: v1.4.1 (installed via apt-get)

My S5 Neo came (from eBay) with Android Marshmallow, which I’m pretty sure was version 6.0.1. In any event, it did have the “OEM unlock” option switch in “Developer options.” Additionally, I can confirm that root was not necessary.

Once again, thank you to both @itsclarence and @piero for the links and advice, and especially to @itsclarence for the build!

Happy Thanksgiving from the USA!


Happy it works,
Thanks for the OEM feature appears with 6.0.1

Many potential users from USA are inquite, and ask for carrier plan compatibilities with Samsung global devices, do you have any elements about that, or advices ?

A new up-to-date Q-build for the Samsung S5neo.
Tested on my own device and running smoothly.

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t I found this site helpful when deciding to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo to try /e/. I have the SM-G903W model, to be specific.


For example, here is the reports on the compatibility of the SM-G903W on AT&T: https://www.frequencycheck.com/carrier-compatibility/yjNqFN/samsung-sm-g903w-galaxy-s5-neo-lte-a-samsung-pacific/at-t-united-states

I looked at the lists of devices compatible with /e/ (including the Unofficial build list) and then would look various devices up on FrequencyCheck and look on eBay for prices.

I am not an expert on this subject, and I’m not sure if FrequencyCheck is the most up-to-date and/or reliable source, but it has been accurate and helpful for me insofar as my SM-G903W is working so far on AT&T in the USA.

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Thank you for continuing to update these builds! It is running well on my SM-G903W.

I have a newbie question: when I want to upgrade, e.g., from e-0.12q-20201102 to e-0.13-1-20201127, do I have to wipe everything again using TWRP to prepare for the sideload, or is there a way to perform the sideload but also preserve my settings, data, installed apps, etc.?

(I understand that the Unofficial builds do not have OTA update capabilities.)

That’s right, no OTAavailable.

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You can dirty flash this build. Boot into TWRP.
click on “Wipe” then “Advanced Wipe”
Select the following items to delete : * Dalvik / ART Cache and System* Not Data and
Internal Storage.
In the TWRP main menu, click on “Install”.
Select the .zip file
slide the “Swipe to confirm Flash” arrow from left to right
Click on “Wipe cache/dalvik” at the bottom left, confirm if necessary.
Click on “Reboot System”.


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I’ve told about /e/ OS to my friend who has Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F, will this build for for that model? If it will, I’ve promised to flash /e/ for my friend.

Yes, this Build is supported

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Thanks! Finally got that phone to my hands today, flashed and phone is going back today. Hope this experience will effect the way that my friend wants other phones in the house also run /e/ OS :slight_smile:

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Fine, my Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo SM-G903F is on /e/ now. Many thanks!
What am i missing is a radio app. the S5 neo does have an integrated radio.
Would be nice to hear radio without internet. Are you using the integrated radio?

A new update on eOS-Q for the s5neolte with security string 2021-01-05