[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi (chagallwifi)

Device info https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/chagallwifi
Rom https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=300819

Please Note: This is an Untested build. Please try at your own risk.

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Here’s an updated build. Untested, use at your own risk:

This build (2019) working fine. But build released in 2020 june → impossible to use : filezip is corrupt :frowning:

Here’s a new build, built from the v0.21-nougat tag. This is completely untested, and I strongly recommend you backup your existing setup before installing this ROM.

I would be very happy to hear whether or not this build works for you. Good luck!


Hi Pete, thank’s, I will make a feedback soon as I tested it.

First of all, I thank you petefoth, for your amazing talent and effort into this build, as well as all of those individuals who have contributed to its creation.

I just installed it on my tablet, and the only issue I have found thus far is that the Bliss launcher seems to be locked into portrait mode on the home screen. The Settings and other Apps rotate into landscape mode just fine, but when closing them and returning to the home screen - portrait mode.

Using the Apps store, I found and installed an alternative launcher, made it the default, rebooted, and it is doing fine now with the home screen in landscape mode. I’ll do what I can to post more as I continue to use it.

Thanks again!


I’ve been using my tablet daily for the past few months. Thus far, the only issue I have experienced is that every so often, an app will suddenly close - almost always at the point where I’m saving my progress and wanting to close the application anyway. That’s it.

Just as a side note, I enjoy prolonging the use of such a great device. I hope to “run it into the ground” over the next few years, and you all have made it possible. Again, excellent work on this build!

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A new build is uploaded to AndroidFileHost

chagallwifi e-0.21-n-20230128-UNOFFICIAL-chagallwifi.zip | by petefoth for Galaxy Tab S 10.5

See this post for details

Galaxy Tab S 10.5