[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial Pie Build for Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte)

Working great.
Thank you very much!

Is it possible to restore apps from official build (settings in /e/ account, in ecloud) ?

apps, no. only settings.

You can extract the e.native applications from the official build and add it on this minimal version as Archje did

The advantage of the subsequent installation of e.foundation apps is that they do not act as system mappings and therefore can be uninstalled by the user with 2, 3 taps without having to use ADB or TWRP file manager.

No, there is no maintainer. I have build it once. I don’t know if I will have time to build it later once more

they know about. But there resources are reserved for other things. It’s sad, yes, I know

I don’t want to speak to @manoj but… I know (i have a S7) it’s difficult but… Be patient. It’s a small team for a great projetc. An oreo and pie build for S7 is planned. It is longer but, these build will be maintained…

The basis for entry has been created. It is necessary to find connoisseurs and experts in order to keep on going. That it can work shows for example

The sooner I’ve learned to build /e/ ROMs with a comprehensible manual, I’ll provide various devices with monthly updates. My hope also lies in @Anonyme’s hands.

FYI I haven’t started yet the HOWTO, it’s hard to find the time, there is a lot of things to do in the /e/ world. And I wait for the Windows 2004 update which bring Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 in order to see if /e/ can be built with that instead of a virtual machine (for those on Windows).

And sadly my HOWTO won’t be magical, the hardest thing will be to have a correct roomservice.xml file and it depends on devices so people will have to be on their own for this part.

It will come one day though :yum:

After dirthy flash, now I use your built for litte bit longer than a day. No issius found. Everything seems to work. Great. But if I find an issue, where is the right place to report it? Or means your “I don´t know if I will have time to build it later once more” that you won´t get issue reports?

If you have an issue related to /e/OS, publish it in the gitlab.

If the issue is specific of this unofficial build, report it here.

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Well, you got what you wanted. And - one day - it won’t be needed anymore because…

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Till now, using this built almost a week, I can say it is great. Two things I noticed: 1. while charging, the phone becomes really hot. 2. using Ausweisapp2 is not possible. Because of “Extended Length”. This happens also after a clean install. With TGP Rom it was no problem.
It will be a shame, if noone will extend this built.
Will test further and report if I find more issues.

Does TGP ROM mean S7 TGP-kernel, or?
Yes, please do!

Does TGP ROM mean S7 TGP-kernel, or?
Yes, please do!

Yes, I use TGP Kernel!

Hi everyone,

When I saw that @harvey186 published an unofficial build for our device, I was very happy.
I told myself : “be patient, /e/ will release, at least, an Oreo version very soon… just wait”
Everyday, I reload this page and hope to see a new release.
And, I lose hope… So, I just want to know few feedback about this build. Any problem we have to know before making the update ?
Thanks everyone :wink:

‘the hope dies last’ :wink:

as far as I know, it has no issues and used by several people. The only issue is, no updates planned

OK thanks for the answer.
No update, OK, but, correct me if I’m wrong, we’ll be able to build ourselves next updates ?

Yes, that’s no problem. Build howto’s are available, and needed manifest.xml also