• how did you not lose orientation on so many builds, any (directory) system that helped you?
    I have an overview and bookmarks. However I will only make new builds for a handfull devices which I own myself and which are ask most
  • do you use a network local repo mirror to repo sync against - or you just have the bandwidth?
    A have a local repo mirror for Q,R, S, and T /e/OS Sources. 2 TB space in total is sufficient for that
  • how did you look for manifests, via xda, or straight github, or build device support channels?
    all of that. You don’t need necessarily a manifest file. First you start with the device file for the device you want to build and start breakfast. Then you you will receive notifications which files are still missing. Not in every case all missing files are shown and breakfast is successful, however its clear from the error(s) during brunch which file(s) are still missing

yep can all be done < 2TB when aosp/lineage is singular and not duplicated (I’m looking at 1.6T currently)

it simplifies the repo gathering though. Forum threads (xda or else) are great for users to ask questions and give feedback. But a centralized manifest database for devices would be helpful for builders, especially when offering a buildbot to compile from known-to-work manifests. Hunting down repos can take a bit of time when the device never got much support. Admittedly a forum is also an unstructured database so I’d come full circle

Q: Did your build devices require any hand-applying of patches or using lineages repopick util?

A few needed patches. Look for patches folder or instructions in the sources

Flashed it and so far no issues, thanks a lot.

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Great to hear. Please let me know if anything else is needed

Somehow the question “How did you…” comes up more often and in my option, a central place like a wiki, github/gitlab would be a good thing for /e

@ronnz98 as always thank you - I’ve been out of the loop for medical reasons and bookmarking this post, will help me to get going again soon.

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BTW, what hardware are you building on?
And what are you build times on your hardware?

You might be interested in @petefoth’s wiki`e`-ROMs

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There’s some useful stuff there (I hope), but it’s no longer maintained and a bit out-of-date. There is also some info that might help at

and possibly other pages in that wiki (which I am using to document m current ROM-building efforts)


My main building machine is a desktop PC: AMD Ryzen 16 core with 64 GB and 2 TB SSD. Depending on the Android version build times are approx. 2-5 hours. Sometime I use my laptop also for building (mainly Android-R). My laptop is a 8 core mobile AMD CPU with 32 GB Ram and 2 TB SSD. Building takes around 4-8 hours approximately.

UPDATE: For the Nothing Phone (1) build on my desktop PC it took around 2h 15 min to build for latest /e/OS-T…

UPDATE2: Updated my PC… now the build took 1h 11min for the Nothing Phone (1) :slight_smile:

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Some updates to /e/OS-1.16 are now available!

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Please let me know if there is a specific device from my builds you are using and want to update to /e/OS 1.16

The following devices are on my todo list as there are sources available but I did not yet succeed to built:

  • Motorola Moto G71 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A73
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G for /e/OS-T
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for /e/OS-T
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 5G Umi
  • Xiaomi 12 (cupid)
  • Xiaomi 13 (fuxi)
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Can you build /e/ os T for the moto g30 (caprip)? There are official lineage sources available but it is “no longer maintained”.

I’m not sure oft it’s future, as /e seems to drop it from the supported list for newer Android versions.

I have 2 or 3 unused ones, plus one on /e R which I like a lot and having S or T would be great.

Just had a look:

Yes, but Android R (LOS 18.1) is the latest version for LineageOS. I haven’t seen a newer one…

There won’t be a newer one. For a number of reasons Lineage 18.1 / Android 11 / /e/OS R is the end of the line for these devices - along with the Z3 and (unofficial) Z3 Table Compact.

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Is there a set date/point when these releases will end?

@ronnz98 could/would you then build R for them for /e 1.16, 1.17… ?

No. At some point - probably when Android 14 / Lineage 21 bulids are released - LineageOS will stop making builds for 18.1 devices, so there will be no new code coming from them. /e/ will then make a decision about how long they continue to make releases of their functionaity

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have a try :slight_smile:

/e/OS-T for S20 now is available (untested!). For the S20 FE I still cannot build