[UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] Samsung Galaxy A3 (a3xelte), A5 (a5xelte), A7 (a7xelte) for /e/OS-R

Samsung Galaxy A3 (a3xelte), A5 (a5xelte), A7 (a7xelte) for /e/OS-R 1.19




Please see sources and install instructions including recovery here:

Use it at your own risk!
Please support the developer(s)!

:white_check_mark: I found a Galaxy A5 (2016) with /e/OS-Q v1.5 and TWRP Recovery 3.6.2_9 and was still able to do an OTA update to /e/OS e-1.17-q-20231110351091-dev-a5xelte, although the download is no longer made available here

:bangbang: Next, I installed TWRP 3.7.0_9-0, but the system did not boot into TWRP Recovery, but stopped at the Samsung logo. I was also unable to start /e/OS-Q v.1.5. Strange, isn’t it?

:bangbang: Well, I thought to myself and flashed the e-Recovery e-1.19-r-20240110, which is available in @ronnz98’s e-1.19-r-20240110-UNOFFICIAL-a5xelte.zip. This still worked fine, but the installation via adb sideload failed with this message:

Error: 21
Install completed with status 2.
Installation aborted.

:white_check_mark: So, now 3rd attempt, and - this one was completely successful.

First I installed TWRP 3.6.2_9 again and booted into it;

wipe cache + Dalvik + System
format Data
adb push e-1.19-r-20240110-UNOFFICIAL-a5xelte.zip /sdcard
Wipe Cache/Dalvik > Swipe to wipe
Reboot system

:white_check_mark: Hip, hip, hooray! Everything is better than it was yesterday.

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Is it for Android 11 or 10?
I am at Android 10 with 1.17-20231110. (A3 2016)
How can i Install it?
Thank You :).

As you device is abandonned by Samsung, you don’t need (you can’t) upgrade the firmware.
simply install “e-1.19-r” over “e-1.17-q”

As you already have a custom recovery installed on your device (recovery-e or TWRP), you can go direct to step (8) or (9) but try without wiping or formating anything

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It Works for me, THX,
I just install (over TWRP) the new Version without deleting all the stuff, I just clear Davic cache and cache.

I use this phone as a Daily driver on my Linux Mint machine.
I can watch TIKTOK and other Android Apps on my PC, it works perfect.
Pls tell me if you want to do the same, I can help you =).