Update 0.19 -> to 0.23 on GS290? 0.19 works perfectly

Dear all,

after a disappointment with no wifi i followed the instructions here and here and managed to install /e/ on a brandnew GS290 – fine, I’m very pleased. Currently I am running 0.19 and everyting works perfectly. Thanks!

Now the updater tells me, I could update to 0.23. Has anyone tried this and can confirm that it works?


For me it seems ok, only thing a pity is the speed of traffic that has been removed

Halllo Andy
My GS290 works at the moment with 0.22! perfect without any problems.

I installed stock rom because 0.23 stable has brought wifi problem (i can’t activate wifi) so now if i use Easy installer, which version of /e/ will install ? Automatically 0.23 ?

That is the answer revealed today by: [LIST] Devices working with the Easy Installer # /e/ version installed. But … there are other links suggesting that wifi problems on GS290 can be caused by the last update you had installed before /e/ install. Search results for 'wifi #gs290' - /e/ community.

As stated by @aibd’s post links, restart from stock ROM provided by /e/, and don’t install updates past may, 2021.


I have installed december update on stock, last night so if i install /e/ what is the problem ?

Hi @LobiSfondati, maybe this is because I am being distracted by the title of this thread … “0.19 works perfectly”
perhaps you could ask these questions in different words so that we can give a more helpful answer ! :slight_smile:

Hi, after 0.23 update wifi doesn’t work on my gs290. I tried with a reboot after this i tried with a factory reset and nothing. So i have installed stock rom (with december update) and now i want to know which version will be installed on easy installer. Can i choose os version or not ? (If possible 0.22 that was good).

No, Easy Installer code includes latest in its selection of ROMs at the linked location. A user has no option to change that.

I think you have /e/ Recovery rather than TWRP? It is not so hard to downgrade if you wish. Please ask again if you need more help, I will allow someone with direct experience with the device to answer, rather than reply on the subject today.

No, now i have stock rom and stock recovery. I know that twrp doesn’t exist for this model. So at this point i will try manual installation and i choose an older version of /e/ (0.22 or 0.21). I will let you know. Thank you.

I did as smu44 suggested and it ended up with e0.19 - with wifi and everything else running.

I’m a bit confused about aibd’s post - I used Easy Installer two weeks ago and eded with 0.19.

Hi @anE.osForumUser I am sorry that my wording was confusing. The significant bit is the “link” in my message, to the link and wording which should be an accurate predictor of the /e/ version to be installed by Easy Installer at that time. :slight_smile:

Ti make it clear : if you want WiFi to work with /e/ 0.23, you should not install updates past may, 2022 while your device is running Gigaset stock ROM.