Update to Android Q

I bought his week from /e/ a Galaxy S 9+ with preinstalled /e/ Android 8.1 On the list with the supported devices I find, that for this device Android 10 is available. Three questions:

  1. why delivers /e/ the phone with the old Android-Version? Is there a reason?
  2. is there a how-to, with that I can upgrade the Android-Version? Is it in one go, or do I have to install 9 before 10?
  3. the device arrived without charger and without any instructions. Why?
  1. The stable build for android 10 is not yet realized.

  2. Yes there are « howto » for Windows and for Linux.
    You have to install Samsung android 10 fist, and then install /e/ android 10.

  3. Because economical and ecological reasons

Oreo is good and stable. That is the main thing? Try it for a while, do you really want to go down the path of “I must have the newest” ?

Thanks for your help