Updating an LeEco 2 with an old version

I have a LE 2 X522, with /e/ pre-installed (version 0.1 -201809251500).

How do I update to an updated version?

Do I have to start over from the beginning and reinstall or is there an easier way?

Via /e/ OTA-Update …

Do you want upgrade to a newer build or downgrade to an older build ? For me your question is unclear.

Thanks for your answer.

I see : “no new update found…”

strange as it’s an old one from september 2018.

I want to upgrade to a newer build.
Mine is quite old and there are some functionnalities missing (like app store)

Ohhh, yeah. Update or Upgrade - these are two different actualizations.

Upgrade from e-0.1-201809251500 to e-0.7-n-2019102528406-dev-s2 should be easy to handle.

  1. Update TWRP Recovery with itself > twrp-3.3.1-0-s2.img.

  2. Then download /e/ ROM e-0.7-n-2019102528406-dev-s2 and install with current TWRP.

Can you handle my instructions?

Do you mean following this howto : [HOWTO] Install TWRP ?

I’m not familiar with those procedures (flashing…).

No! I have assumed that an older TWRP version is installed on your device. This could then easily install a newer version of TWRP Recovery on your device. Do you know how to boot into TWRP Recovery mode?

Do you have adb installed on your computer?

How to Update TWRP Recovery
[Note: The file name -titan.img are only exemplary]

Try booting into TWRP Recovery on your device
with POWER plus VOLUME (+) pressed at the same time …

[… or VOL (-) Note: I don’t know exactly]

Then follow the hints on the pictures …

  • Tap ‘ Install’ , and then tap on ‘ Install Image ‘.

Browse and select the image file which you downloaded > twrp-3.3.1-0-s2.img

  • Select Recovery and then Swipe to Confirm Flash.

  • It will take only a few seconds and you are done.

How to install /e/ OS
[Note: The file name *.zip on images are only exemplary]

  1. switch off the device and start the recovery (TWRP) → with Le 2 it should work to hold down the keys Power + Volume Up.

  2. in the Recovery arrived select Install

  1. now select the to e-0.7-n-2019102528406-dev-s2.zip

  1. Swipe to confirm Flash

  1. after a successful installation → Wipe cache/dalvik

  1. now the system can be restarted via Reboot System

  1. if now everything worked out, then you are immediately with /e/ OS e-0.7- nougat on the way …

Thanks to © tobias-hartmann

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OK, it’s done.

Thanks a lot for your fast reaction and detailed explanation.

Kind regards

So if I have e-0.7-n-2019102528406-dev-s2.zip, to upgrade do I have to add each upgrade or can i go directly to the last one. I thinks there are 4 in between my current version and the last version.

So my Q is to upgrade to last version, do I do
A: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5,
B: 1 > 5

A or B?