Updating an old version to a new one

when having a phone in version 0.13 and checking the updates are now until 0.17, should I update all one by one, 0.14, 15 16 and 17 or I can update straight to 0.17?

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For some devices 0.16 is a good choice,

You do not have to install all this files.

Applying one OTA update will overwrite the existing 0.13 /boot and /system (without wiping)
but not apps and settings that are on /data, not personal data that are on /internal_storage(emmc) or /external_storage(SDcard)

you also could use the same /e/ file installing from scratch or for update or for upgrade

Difference is on the /partitions you wipe or not

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Are you staying on the same Android version just going from 0.13 to 0.17? (ie Android 9 e0.13 > Android 9 e0.17) Is so, what @piero said is explaining staying on the same Android build.

If needing to upgrade Android versions, find your device above :point_up_2: and then look for the self help doc. It will look like :point_down: (this if you can’t do OTA, ie going from Android 9 e0.13 >Android 10 e0.17). *These are non-“easyinstaller” methods requiring a custom recovery.


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Is the Easy Installer able to install Android 10 yet? I’m nervous about the prospect of flashing the stock rom just to upgrade to 10, and remember Easy Installer functionality being said to be imminent.

You need to provide the device name :slight_smile: !

Sorry since the discussion was centering around the S9+ anyway I didn’t think to.
So the version of /e/ installed is device dependent then? Can the Easy Installer install Android 10 on an S9 or S9+?

I gave you the full answer because the star2lte page above is wrong and needs to be thrown away and the OP did not state his device… Sorry if you felt I was abrasive :slight_smile:

Nope just trying to get a straight answer. It appears from the thread that Easy is not flashing 10 yet and that it’s not yet possible via OTA update. Disappointing but my desire to not brick my devices outweighs my desire for the latest and greatest :slight_smile:

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@aibd what is wrong with the link? I have updated multiple S9+ devices using this guide (manual update to Q with custom recovery, withOUT easyinstaller). Sorry if I am missing something. Going to change the printscreen. Apologies @HellsBells if I confused you.

*Ahh, I believe I see what you are saying. The problem comes in because @HellsBells’ phone is on the /e/Oreo build and wants to get to the /e/Q build but to do so would require getting the core Android to Q before following the “Upgrade” directions which would require flashing stock Android 10 firmware, then install the /e/Q ROM.

Hi @egx470,

two things jump out at me from the “Upgrade” page you link. The link to “stable Q” points to Oreo.

Did you ever get a fastboot command to work with Samsung?

fastboot flash recovery twrpimagename.img

We see the wording

"5. If you already have TWRP recovery installed on your device … "

you can skip the nonsense bit seems to let the author off the hook total inexactitude.

I have to say that my brain finds it hard to filter conflicting information even when I know what it right.

My sincere apologies to @HellsBells for taking out my frustration on him.

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EDIT: The “stable Q” links to eOreo builds… the “dev Q” links to the eQ bulds. @Manoj can that be fixed? :point_down:

Well I must admit I can’t remember this 100%. I believe it was done with heimdall flash Thanks goodness I had someone like you helping me through. Yes, it would be nice to ensure the directions are 100% complete… If I get time I may get those devices out again and do some testing to nail down what you are pointing out here. Appreciate your eye for detail @aibd

@Manoj who do we send these to for correction?

Didn’t feel that way at all. I agree that the wording can be a bit daunting to someone who is new or purchased their device instead of installing themselves.

And yes, I’m simply looking for a way to upgrade to stable 10 (which has been suggested as a possible fix for a problem I’m facing and would provide much needed WiFi call and text capability as I understand it), without having to find an acceptable stock 10 firmware first.

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I had suggested some changes to the upgrade page for all Samsung devices as it refers to fastboot which does not work on Samsung. The changes are pending for some time. Will follow up on this and get it closed ASAP.


Thanks. Also did you see the other issue with the build links? :point_down:

Both the issues are the same in a way…the upgrade guide needs to be checked and updated.

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