Upgrade from Android R to Android T

Would it be unwise to upgrade in one go from Android R (v 1.8.1) to Android T (1.19.1)? Should I first upgrade to Android S?


You can do that, on the other hand it also depends on your device if you need additional files to flash.

Let us know which?

I see you tagged easy-installer, you are aware that easy-installer can only do a fresh install? So you need to have a back up to restore

Hello, as you won’t be able to use TWRP backup, you can use this guide to backup as much as you can (in addition to seedvault which might also not work.)
If you already have the murena cloud then its all the better for contacts and calendar backup.

Thank you for the fast answer.
I dropped my question in “easy installer” as it looked to me as a channel pertaining to OS update questions; if there is another one more appropriate, feel free to move this thread.

My situation is that “System updates” is stuck on v.1.8.1, and keeps pretending it is the latest version of the /e/ OS.
So I guess I will have to do a manual install, with adb sideload method.

Which device is stuck?

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I’m using a Xperia XZ2 Akari.

you should install latest build from existing recovery
Go direct to step (8) or (9)

download : https://images.ecloud.global/dev/akari/

instructions: https://doc.e.foundation/devices/akari/

Ok, so I follow step 8, I didn’t update the recovery, and used the old one (v0.18-r) to install the latest /e/OS.
I enter the recovery mode manually (Vol down + Power buttons) and wiped the data.
I selected “Apply Update”, then “Apply from ADB” and when I plug the USB cable, the PC says : “Unable to mount Xperia XZ2” ! But maybe I don’t need the device to be mounted on the PC’s file system…
To check If the mobile and the PC talk to each other I type in a command prompt adb devices and got:
List of devices attached
QV703AJ11E recovery

I guess this is enough to say the mobile phone is ready to receive file from the PC…
Let’s try and sideload the ROM:

adb sideload e-1.19.1-t-20240112373116-dev-akari.zip

The PC terminal prints a download progression, and the mobile reacts and prints “Finding update package… Verifying update package…”
Then at the end :
“Update package verification took 64.7 s (result 0).
Installing update…
E:Package is for product akari but expected H8296”

When I exit the menu to try “Reboot system now”, the recovery says:
“Install completed with status 1.
Installation aborted.”

I thought the ROM was the same for models H8216, H8266, H8276, H8296.
What did I do wrong?
I didn’t try “Reboot system now”, too scared to brick the mobile! So I powered it off.

I had to make a call so I switched the mobile on, thinking it would start on the former OS. It did, but as if it was the first time (as I wiped the user data).

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/e/ OS is finally updated on my Xperia XZ2. I installed the latest e-recovery and re-did the sideload of the ROM image; once both the PC and the mobile gave a reassuring message, I was keen to do a “reboot system now”.

Although the progression on the PC seemed stuck at 47% when the mobile was on step 1/2 of update install, it doesn’t mean there are still some packages to install, so after step 2/2 on the mobile, to the question " To install additional packages, you need to reboot recovery first Do you want to reboot to recovery now? no/yes" just say ‘no’, and the install will resume fine on both sides.

OTA update isn’t working (and hasn’t been working) on my devices. OnePlus 8 “instantnoodle”

On android 11, feb 6 2023 1.8.1

Got the email that 1.19 is here. Any tips on how to force the OTA? Thanks so much

I guess / think you are on a dev build on Android 11 (R) {1]

If this is the case OTA Upgrade of Android version [2] is not going to happen! :slightly_smiling_face: .

Edit perhaps yo can confirm if this is the case …

[1] [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc

[2] e/OS + Android OS version names and numbers? - #3 by aibd

if the update file has been downloaded from here :
( → settings → system updates)



and you are stuck in TWRP chose “install” and navigate to “/data/lineageos_updates”


It appears you’re correct. Not sure how that happened. I’ve only used the OTA update since installing eOS from the beginning.

I’m running 1.8.1-r-20230206257804-dev-instantnoodle


If I remember correctly I said ‘yes’ on that prompt with Pixel 4a sunfish when I updaret from R to T. It worked also :grin:

Update happens of /e/OS version (for example e-1.17 → e-1.18) roughly monthly while we talk of Upgrade when referring to the Android version upgrade, Android 11 (R) → 12 (S) → 13 (T).

This has to be done manually for dev builds. Stable builds only are offered OTA Upgrade; more fully – OS OTA Related information.

Just to add I’ve never manually upgraded. I’ve always either checked for an upgrade via settings>system updates or just been notified automatically when an update/upgrade was available. That’s why I’m confused, the updates just stopped after Feb 2023.

The updater app, in the case of a dev build, does not support upgrades from one Android version of /e/OS to another.

We see from the link in Post #14 the “history” of published builds … Android R did just stop after Feb 2023 so no more updates are notified or available.