Upgrade herolte to oreo /e/ doc incorrect link to image build file

Hi, i tried to upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S7 herolte (SM-G930F) from /e/ e-0.17-n-20210531117699 (based on Android 7) to /e/ based on oreo (Android 8) following this /e/ doc Manually upgrade herolte to oreo. I found out, that i ended up with the same version (e-0.17-n-20210531117699).

I installed with easy installer first, after discovering the same /e/ version i installed manually, which installed the same version (e-0.17-n-20210531117699). I then checked the links to image upgrade files mentioned in Download Upgrade Build for the herolte here stable (oreo) and it points to the same files as standard herolte install as described in /e/ doc Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S7 - “herolte” here.

Can someone in charge fix the links to correct build image files? Thank you.

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Thanks for pointing this out. The templates for upgrades are being corrected. It should take 1-2 weeks to reflect based on the developers availability.

Hi liborb,
have you tried again and succed your upgrade ? Manually or with easy installer ?
I’m interested in trying but i wonder why i’m able to do this (i know i’ll be very stressed to do it alone by myself).
Thank’s for your answer.

I invite you to read this,
Even if you may are a Microsoft user,

Hi @Frilouz
the upgrade link actually disappeared from the Samsung Galaxy S7 (herolte) page, so i guess the team did not have time/capacity or decided not to upgrade the instructions and/or the image. There is no newer image since i wrote the post. There is nothing to try with.

@piero pretty good detailed step by step guide. If anyone follows it, will have /e/ on his phone quickly and surely! Good work!

@piero , @liborb
Thank you very much for your answers. I quickly read the detailed guide : this is clear !
I will wait some weeks to make a decision (try or not, after having carefully read again the detail guide).
Thanks for your advice and help :wink:
Good evening.