Upgrading starlte to Android 10 on S9

Please forgive my ignorance. I just received my S9 running /e/ that I bought from the store. There seems to be a learning curve for people that have become used to certain… things.

I seem to find ambiguity in technical resources and don’t want to brick this thing.

I don’t think I need to do anything here since I’m already running starlte

I found some users [on this thread:

talking about how it shouldn’t be a problem to install 10 on top of starlte on an S9 running 8.1.0 but the caution is throwing me off.

I would link directly to that part of the thread but when I hit “ctrl+f” anyone on this site it pulls up the search form on the site, not on the browser proper. If that’s a feature I want to turn it off. I know where the search form is if I want to use it…

Also… the fact that I can only post 1 link is painful.

You got it!

Stay cool bro!

You bought it. You paid for Stable

PS When searching use # Category and #tags :slight_smile:

Edit. @Manoj on this page (referred to above) the link to “Stable Q” reveals Oreo: https://doc.e.foundation/devices/starlte/upgrade. Was it not already been reported as inaccurate?

Furthermore the page contains the howler that a Samsung user might use fastboot command, most unhelpful for this customer and new user.

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Thank you for your thoughtful comments and words of encouragement. I’m still struggling to understand whether it is ok for me to upgrade to Q. In your reply to @Manoj you mentioned an inaccuracy that as far as I understand it is known has been reported. I saw mention of this on another post that I can’t seem to locate at this moment. This is the ambiguity I was referring to. Frankly… I don’t know what to believe.

-is going from Starlte 8.1.0 to Android 10/Q going to cause issues?
I can see from here https://doc.e.foundation/devices/starlte/upgrade that there is a note of caution

that makes me aprehensive.
-I also see this guide [HOWTO] Update /e/ that is different
-Do I need to install TWRP? How about about Heimdall?
-Is it correct for me to assume that I don’t need to unlock the bootloader?

Personally I would resist the temptation to do anything!

Get in a bit of quality reading time! I have noticed your questions in your other threads. Here is a bit of entry level reading.


Regarding the “Caution” you quote, this is indeed a bit of a blocker for the Samsung S9 at this time.

It is fine to open new threads for individual questions.

Enjoy /e/ and bon chance.