Upgrading to Android 10

So I just became aware of an /e/ build based on Android 10, and I’m impatient so I wanted to take a shot at upgrading myself. I’ve discovered the upgrade pages for the S9 and S9+, but i’m wondering if it’s any different for phones purchased directly from the e foundation. I remember when running CM not needing to have the phone hooked to the PC; I could reboot into recovery and install from there. Is that no longer the case?
Any tips to make the process smoother would be helpful, or if anyone knows if an upgrade/easy installer change is imminent please let me know!


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I do not understand what you mean with CM and not needing to have the phone hooked to the PC.

How do you wanna install /e/ without your phone hooked to your PC?
There is an /e/ installer that could make this proces i little bit easier.

I recall being able to put a file on an SD card, boot into recovery, and install the image that way, although its been several years since I’ve done this, so maybe that’s not a method anymore
It was my understanding that the /e/ installer couldn’t install Android 10?

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You are right for a couple of weeks


You are right again :

Exactly what I was looking for! thank you!
I’ll try this on my backup S9 when I have some time, and give it a go on my S9+ when I’m sure of myself.

EDIT: looks like all the “Stable” builds however are still listed as O, while the “Dev” builds are Q. I’ll wait it out til that easy installer gets the upgrade in a few weeks then!

Let’s discover it on your spear/test device !

CM was Cyanogen Mod, before LineageOS

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Haha I like your thinking! It does need to function as an emergency backup so I’ll hold off for now. Looking forward to seeing 10 on an /e/ device!

Noticed I got the 0.17 update on my phone today, but it did not bring my phone up to Android 10 as I expected. Anyone know if it’s working with the easy installer yet? If so I’ll test with my backup device and if successful do my primary after.

Hi all !

If you have already upgraded/updated the Samsung Firmware to android 10.
If /e/OS is running on your device (even e-oreo-stable from the easy-installer)

Than, you have TWRP already installed.

So you are abble to download the e-q-dev-yourdevice.zip on your device memory (internal, or, external)
Reboot the device into recovery mode TWRP
Choose install and point the location of your downloaded file

So I guess the part I’m confused on is upgrading Samsung Firmware to android 10…am I to understand that I need to flash the S9/S9+ back to stock before I can download the e-q build onto my phone?
I’m not sure I have the time or patience to do that especially if Q is eventually going to come to the Easy Installer.