Upgrading with the udpater app (will this eventually be possible?)

First of all, thank you very much for your efforts on this OS!

I have noticed that I did not receive any updates for my miatoll R build. This makes me wonder about the following:

  • will I no longer receive updates for miatoll R (android 11)?
  • If not, would you consider not manually upgrading to S at this point a security concern?
  • will the possibility of automatic version upgrades (for example via the updater app) be available in the foreseeable future? The website suggests that murena is “working to resolve this issue.” - but are there any concrete developments already achieved towards this goal?

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That is the case, as current /e/OS builds for miatoll are based on Android 12 (S) and …

You are already missing security updates of several months. The last R build for miatoll is from February … https://images.ecloud.global/dev/miatoll/
Yes, that’s a concern, and it gets bigger every month.

For miatoll, with only dev builds available, not stable? I’m a realist, not an optimist.
Also considering …

Hmmm … That the updater App couldn’t do it in general was resolved quite a while ago, so in that sense the documentation needs to be updated (pinging @Manoj), even if in effect there will still be no OTA upgrade available for miatoll (the updater can’t offer what isn’t there).

There are no stable builds for miatoll currently.
OS OTA upgrades need to be prepared per device per upgrade step, which needs serious amounts of work by the developers. You can follow announcements in this category … https://community.e.foundation/tag/development-updates

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thank you for this very clear and helpful reply

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